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Mitt Romney

Court Battle Over His Involvement in Bitter Divorce

10/24/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

6:45AM PT  Gloria Allred
is in court in Boston and she is representing Maureen Sullivan Stemberg (below). We just got the details about Romney's testimony in the Stemberg divorce. Click here to read it.

7:30AM PT  The court hearing where the Boston Globe is asking a judge to unseal Stemberg divorce documents -- including Romney's testimony -- has been continued until Thursday morning. We're waiting to see if Allred comments on the case.

8:05AM PT  Gloria and Maureen walked out of court. They did not comment.   


Mitt Romney
was heavily involved in the extremely messy divorce of one of his key supporters ... and the Boston Globe is going to court first thing Wednesday morning in an attempt to unseal the court file as well as lift a gag order ... TMZ has learned.

The divorce was between Staples co-founder Tom Stemberg and his first wife Maureen. We're told the divorce battle lasted for years and was extremely ugly.

Sources tell us Romney gave both a deposition in the divorce and testified in the trial. According to our sources, the Boston Globe got a tip that there was "juicy information about Romney" in the sealed documents.

Romney, Stemberg and Maureen were all served papers by the Globe notifying them that the paper was trying to unseal the case and lift the gag order enforced on all parties.

According to an article in the Boston Globe in 2005, Maureen received nearly 500,000 shares of Staples stock in the divorce ... but sold half her shares before the company went public.

Stemberg and Romney's business ties go deep. Bain Capital helped launch Staples ... widely seen as the first big success for Romney's venture capital company -- and Romney sat on Staples' board of directors for many years. 

Our sources say Tom has filed papers opposing the Globe's motion. Romney's lawyers have not responded.

Tom has been a major Romney supporter, even speaking for five minutes at the Republican National Convention.

We're told Gloria Allred represents someone connected with the divorce and we believe -- though we have not confirmed it -- that is Maureen.

If the gag order is lifted, Maureen and others could freely talk about the divorce ... less than two weeks before the election.


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This is even more desperate than whatever Trump has come up with. NEITHER party cares what either of these attention whores has to say.

728 days ago


Sounds like old Mittens was diddling the wife.

728 days ago


Who gives a ****.

728 days ago


I'm an Obama supporter and even i think this is pathetic and wrong. and btw, who cares?

728 days ago


Odd that Osama covers up his birth certificate and college records but something like this which has so little to do with Romney character becomes of major importance. Allred is such a schnorer!!!

728 days ago

Throwback kid    

Everyone who supports Obama is terrified that there is a very real chance he will lose this election, the community organizer may be a one term President. Even TMZ is in the bag for Obama but it may not help him, Obama's horrible record may seal his fate and get him voted out of office

728 days ago

Throwback kid    

Did Michelle Obama file for divorce in 2000?

728 days ago


This sounds like Mitt may have participated in an extramarital affair. That said, didn't we try to impeach
Clinton for less?
I can't remember to be honest. All I can remember is the Robin Williams joke "He got head from a jewish girl?! F******* EH!".

728 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

Mitt dick head is a little bitch that needs to shut the **** up ! Everytime he talks all I hear is lies lies lies and more lies !

728 days ago


If any judge unseals those papers then this country has truly gone to sh1t.

728 days ago


Obama advisors are so desperate, next thing they are going to come up is that Romeny is a cereal killer who stole some precious lucky charms.

728 days ago


Who cares!

728 days ago


I'm with Jason I support Obama but Gloria Allred.. Why don't you and Trump get in bed together and s@?!' Each other!!

728 days ago

Wow ...    

Imagine that, politicians and their supporters getting ugly.

728 days ago


and this means he cant run a country because he was involved somehow in a divorce ? oh please. i was on the fence about this election, but Mitt is worth a shot as president. the last 4 years have been a financial nightmare. and unemployment is out of control. Mitt cant do any worse. He cant bring the country down any more than it is. Go Mitt !

728 days ago
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