Mel Brooks Alex Karras Didn't Fart on 'Blazing Saddles'


Alex Karras was no method actor when it came to farting ... this according to Alex's "Blazing Saddles" director Mel Brooks.

Alex -- who passed away earlier this month -- played Mongo in Mel's 1974 film and was one of the gassy cowboys in the legendary bean-eating scene.

But Mel tells TMZ ... in real life, Alex was the exact opposite of his character ... "very bright, very creative, very fun on the set."

"Such a wonderful, beautiful guy to work with," Mel said ... adding, "He didn't actually do any passing of gas, but he did everything else." 

Fun Fact -- the farting scene isn't just hilarious, it's historical ... according to reports, the ass-music scene was the first ever flatulence gag to be featured in a major motion picture.