'X Factor' House Rules No BITING And Don't Show Your Penis

10/30/2012 12:30 AM PDT
The 16 finalists on "X Factor" better not get any ideas about biting their fellow contestants -- because it's specifically VERBOTEN in their new digs ... along with a bunch of other really random things, like exposing your genitals.

TMZ has obtained a list of the "house rules" in the new mansion where the "X Factor" finalists are shacking up -- and in addition to outlawing biting and indecent exposure ... here are some more crazy laws of the land:

-- No intermingling in bedrooms
-- Coasters must be used WITH ALL DRINKS
-- No loud music
-- No physical altercations of any kind (not just biting)
-- No guests
-- "Be sensitive to others"
-- No drinking or drugs
-- No diving into the pool
-- No use of fireplaces 
-- Make your own bed

FYI -- if the house looks familiar ... that's because "American Idol" used the same pad to house its finalists last season. It was also used as a sex compound for Playboy TV's bone show "Swing."

Let's just say the house rules were a little different on that show.