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Rehab Decision Was Mine

Michael Lohan Calls BS

11/2/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom says NO ONE had to talk her into going to rehab, insisting she made the decision completely on her own -- but Michael Lohan says she's straight up LYING.

Octo just released a statement saying, "I chose to seek treatment after consulting with my manager regarding my recent use of Xanax, which was prescribed by my physician for panic attacks."

She continues, "There were no other people involved with me entering treatment other than my manager and myself. There was no  intervention that took place."

Octo is clearly going after Lohan ... who told TMZ he helped organize an intervention that helped convince Nadya Suleman she needed help.

Michael tells TMZ ... Nadya is fudging the truth ... because he worked WITH Octo's manager to make the plans to get Suleman into treatment.

Despite the dispute, Octo says she's confident she will beat her addiction ... saying, "I am working in therapy every day with my doctors and therapists regarding the origin of these attacks so as not to have to rely on medications to handle it.  I am paying for my own treatment; I am finding my voice here.”


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Trouble in paradise? Octo's Manager no longer representing Milow and his new kids mother. Shameful, these people will do anything for a buck.

720 days ago


I believe her. Theyre both nutso but Milo butts in w one email and thinks hes Dr drew. Ummm...nope.

720 days ago


Very weird that she would consult with her porn manager about her addiction, I mean non-addiction, rather then her doctor.

Is she in rehab a mental hospital?

Or is she just getting her lumpy lips fixed?

None of this makes sense at all.

Most important what did she hope to teach her son and 13 other children with that educational video?
Was it helpful?

720 days ago


How many white trash are in Hollywood????....99.9%

720 days ago


Even in rehab she still finds time to get her self on TMZ, what kind of rehab is this? Perhaps it wasn't Octo making this statement and then again maybe she isn't even in rehab?

720 days ago


Who cares?

720 days ago


You can't BS a BSer!

720 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

Michael is a POS and has always been a POS.I do not understand why anybody would listen to him....................check his track record and you will see what I mean.................On second thought F him and his lies.He is not worth the time to look up,I do not understand why TMZ gives this POS any ink..

720 days ago


IMO - none of these people has even a passing acquaintance with the truth.

720 days ago


ML sure gets around!

720 days ago


I call bullsh@t!! If she was serious about her recovery, she would not even be in touch with her pornstar manager, let alone TMZ...If it was an accredited rehab, her phone would be taken away, they would want her to be concentrating on recovery, not following her public flogging, that her manager is hell bent on continuing....vaGina is destroying what little modi*** of integrity nads has left,,, The public backlash is amazing even to me! She is going to be lucky to even get bookings at diners after this media blitz....People have seen the video of nads, drunk, stoned out of her mind on Radar.....They have learned of her neglect & abuse of the tups & the other 6....too many people that have witnessed the truth inside her home & more nannies are, as we speak, are coming forward...this is not about recovery, it's Gina Rodriguez way of staying in the news everyday...LOL with managers like her, that are only fueling the hatred against octo, who needs enemies? I have a friend that manages one of the most well known legends in sports history, he is just shaking his head....write a book about what not to do to be successful in PR media, look up Gina R...Shamefull!! This story is about the 14 kids,not about nads pathetic quest for fame..

720 days ago


Two people with next to no talent extending their 15 minutes by a wide margin.

720 days ago


Michael Lohan a liar? Noooo! The man is a menace to society. He claims he has a non profit rehab center- like every other crack head that realizes that the state pays $10,000 a week per "client" someone might want to look a Michaels books...- the whole industry is a sham. Michael Lohan is a clown.

720 days ago


flip a coin who to believe..then flip it again on witch one makes less sense

720 days ago


two people in dire need to be sterilized

720 days ago
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