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Phillip Phillips' Family

'Idol' Champ's Forcing Us

To Sell Pawn Shop

11/3/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Phillip Phillips
' family says the singer left them high and dry after winning "American Idol" -- refusing to help them out financially -- and now, they've been forced to sell their cherished family business ... Phillips family sources tell TMZ.

The Phillips family-owned Albany Sporting Goods and Pawn -- which has been in the family for 24 years -- is scheduled to hit the auction block on December 1st ... and we're told, Phillip's dad hopes to use the profits to cover the family's mounting debt.

We're told Phillip's dad hopes to bring in between $200,000-250,000 during the auction.

We're told Phillip's family has reached out multiple times to the singer for financial help since he hit it big, but Phil has blown them off.

According to Phillips family sources, the family's especially hurt by the singer's radio silence -- since they spent a ton of money on travel expenses so they could see Phillip compete on "Idol."

We made multiple calls to Phillip Phillips over several days -- but our calls were not returned.


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People Annoy Me    

If such is true, this kid is the definition of a spoiled brat. Why wouldn't you help the people who helped you succeed?

717 days ago


So they're expecting him to bail them out and when he doesn't they go crying to tmz to shame him into to doing it. Sounds like they've been attending the Michael and Dina Lohan school of parenting.

717 days ago


Ok, so he is supposed to completely support his entire family and bail them out? I didn't know he had that kind of money. He shouldn't be expected to take care of everyone. This is exactly how pro athletes go broke as well as these young hollywood types. Family and friends become moochers instead of taking care of themselves. Say he hadn't won American Idol what would they have done? Answer me that.

717 days ago

탑 TOP    

He doesn't have money though...

Phillip, you sadly are now cursed. Winning American idol is gonna F you. Accept living in the shadow of Jessica Sanchez, whom I have a feeling she will be gracing us on tv soon again

717 days ago

탑 TOP    

PARENTS --- please do NOT feel entitled to your child's money. As soon as I got money, here came along my mother asking me to pay off her credit cards :x

717 days ago


I was wondering why I had never heard of this dummy and then I got to the end of the story and read he was a winner on American Idol, which these days is kind of like winning a stuffed bear at your local fair.

717 days ago

News Flash     

I'd be mad too if someone named me Phillip Phillips.

717 days ago


We don't have the whole story here.

717 days ago


I don6 believe this is true. The only thing he had before American Idol was his time and if they use time as a basis of profit then they are doomed. I believe that it is a sign of the times and the bad econmy that their business is having a rough time. The other part of the story is that they are taking too much out of the till and not good business people and therefore failing. Phillip Phillip had nothing before Idol, so how could he contribute that much then in order to make a business a success. In ending the story, he should be able to do with his life what he wants and it is up to the greedy bastards left behind to work their asses off to make their business a success.

717 days ago


TMZ don't fall for their false story. What did these people do for 24 years in business. They worked hard, did not take a lot of money out of the till. They are liars and trying to make you feel sorry for them.

717 days ago


Need more info. A lot of these "family businesses" lose money like there is no tomorrow...yet they fight to keep them going because they have nothing else. If the place is not financially solvent...I'd have told them to flock off as well. You're not helping anyone by throwing money don't the toilet.

717 days ago


I would certainly not begrudge a grown child for cutting financial ties with his immediate family as a young adult, just as I think it is okay for families to expect for their grown children to be financially independent. There is typically more to these issues than what meets the eye. For example, it could be a case of business or financial mismanagement, poor business model, throwing good money after bad, and entitlement. Regardless, at the end of the day, his family needs to support themselves, and if he chooses to involve himself financially, it should be because he wants to help, not because of guilt, being bullied, or their misplaced sense of entitlement. Giving birth does not obligate someone to be your cash register for life.

717 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

How much money did his family spend on his illness?
He ain't makin' NO $$$ post-Idol, anyway.
It's OK to help your fam, within limits.
I'd think a pawn shop would do BETTER in a down economy.
it does make him look like a jerk!
Too bad, either way.

717 days ago


Could it be the father and the rest of the family thought: "who needs that crummy pawn shop we're gonna be rich". So they let the shop go and now it's going out of business?

717 days ago


At the time Phillip won American Idol, TMZ printed an article about his parents who were losing their home due to not making the mortgage payments so the mother filed for bankruptcy. It seems to me the parents spend money on other things other than their mortage and are NOT business minded or qualified to run a business. Phillip's parents sound like the Lohan and Jackson parents that expect their children to support them. They are a disgrace contacting TMZ to try and trash their own son with their greed. They have the problem, not Phillip.

717 days ago
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