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Levi Johnston


At My Wedding

11/5/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1102_levi_johnston_wedding_photos_launch_v3Levi Johnston refused to get married in a traditional tuxedo ... instead he opted for a camouflage outfit that would help him blend in with the foliage ... and TMZ has the pics.

Bristol Palin's baby daddy tied the knot with his other (less famous) baby mama Sunny Oglesby last weekend in Alaska ... and before the ceremony, the couple posed for the obligatory artsy photo session.

The pics contain lots and lots of long passionate stares at various objects ... including a mirror ... a haystack ... each other's eyes ... empty fields ... and the sun.

Levi and Sunny also felt compelled to pose in a bed of red and white roses.

You really don't want to miss it.


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Could these two be bigger hypocrites? She said Levi wanted out of the media, YET they continue to exploit their lives, their new baby, their wedding which is a private affair. It's sad that she's not ashamed of her baby being illegitimate and even that the baby was conceived because she doesn't know how BC works. That interview was painful to watch. They are SO young and naive and what Ive heard from some people who've experienced their nasty side doesn't give me hope these are people who are ready for adulthood. But, there isn't a person in the world who'd call a 20 yr old mature, even 22 yr old.

Sunny, if your husband wants out of the limelight, THEN tell him to not be so hypocritical and stop forcing his life on US.

656 days ago


Btw, those pics are kind of juvenilely done. These people aren't ugly but there's nothing special about them. I mean, Their in-person interviews are more boring than paint drying. Wedding pictures are typically all magical looking. This photographer is horrible at picking backgrounds.

656 days ago


OMG. NOW I have to make specific picture comments. Some are so bad. The one where he's in a cowboy hat dipping her back. WTF?So awkward. She looks frightened, like she just was told about some of the unsettling things in HIS past that he has desperately tried to hide from the public. Levi, that get-up isn't attractive and it really does look like you threw this together in 5 hours. Lose some weight. What happened? Out of all the beautiful places in AK, you pick that spot? Was it where Breeze was conceived or something? Ok, the editing of these makes me laugh and remember learning to edit in school and what not to do. Levi's not good at in-motion pics. He's actually not that attractice, though his clean image is nicer than his nasty redneck image from 5 years ago. This girl wears way too much makeup. Shes kind of conniving looking like Levi's sister is. There's a hollowness these that makes one uneasy. No judgment call, but thats my first impression. Could be the denial of whom her husband was in comparison to how he is with her. OMG these poses are HORRIBLE and the quality is unfortunate. She looks uneasy holding the baby. Im going to say they grifted their way to free pictures. Photography isn't supposed to look like people found a random pasture and squated for pics. Wedding photog esp. It's supposed to create a nice, pleasant feelings. Viewing these makes me nervous . Wow, the one where she's leaning over looking like she's going to drop the baby...Why is there a disconnect between her and her newborn? And why did this photog feel a road is a great backdrop? I've never thought Levi and Bristol were remotely into each other and Ive always believed Bristol took him back to give her son a livein father, but there pics from years ago were so much better. justsayin. They looked natural and not scary. In this one where Sunny? is looking to the side and he's by her, she looks worried. I HOPE these were free. But its sad they exploited them. Ew and she looks baad in short dresses.

656 days ago

Jack Asserson    

Despirate for "news" much? Definitely outside of the TMZ. Hell this is not even news in the Wasilla newspaper the frontiersman.

656 days ago


Honestly, I don't really care enough to hate him. I am glad he's happy for what ever reasons. However, these are the WORST wedding photos ever taken. They both look creepy and kinda dirty. He could have found a better cowboy theme and for the most part she looks ok--until she's rocking that cowboy hat, that's when she looks like a skank.

656 days ago


I have to handed to this guy he sure uses his looks to get around. 1) he was porking Sara Palin the mother, then he moved on to the ugly virgin daughter, left that skank for a nice looking new wife. Wonder what the next move will be.

656 days ago


What a beautiful and fun looking wedding. The look so happy and may they continue to be for many, many years.

656 days ago


TMZ keeps enabling Levi Johnston. He is not a celebrity. He keeps using TMZ to sell information on his personal life and TMZ bites all the time. Because TMZ hates the Palins. Levi needs to grow up and stop living off the Palins.

656 days ago


Just because he has a different style than you, you call him white trash? tsk tsk tsk

656 days ago


Wonder if his new wife is aware of the fact that he refuses to be gainfully employed?? Teachers are very well paid in Alaska but I don't think I would want her teaching one of my kids. No morals, no class and a preference for trash.
They are part of the Lohan, Honey Boo Boo clan.

656 days ago


TMZ why do you insist on reporting on these non-celebrities lives? Must be a slow news day.

656 days ago

There's a problem here    

It's such a good thing to see that that young man is stepping up into adulthood. I suppose camo face paint and guns slung on your back was sooo last season?

656 days ago


Levi is not much of a celeb, TMZ (lol)! Boredom got the better of me and I did take a look.

The pic on the roses was creepy - reminded me of a Victorian death photo. Other than that, pretty average. It's trendy to take a few 'inappropriate' pics of the Bride, along with the serious ones. I think it's OK.

656 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

So Bristol Palin will remain an unwed mother flitting about the country while her bas-tard child turns into a unruly, obnoxious child. Never watched her show, but I did see the clips where the bas-tard child acted like a monster.
I guess that is inevitable. After all, that's what Sarah says about children brought up by single parent lesbian mothers. So children of single parent straight mothers will have the same fate. Especially when their mother goes from man to man like Bristol seems to be doing.
So hows that fake abstinence thing working out for you honey?

656 days ago


Why are you mentioning him, he's never done anything in his life to be a celebrity !
People down Bristol Palin for so many things, but at least she is trying to make money to raise her son because, this young man never pays any child support to her.
This man just does not deserve any time in the news at all ! ! !

656 days ago
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