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Toni Braxton

My Foreclosed Mansion


11/11/2012 10:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Another one bites the dust for bankrupt Toni Braxton ... the singer's Georgia mansion -- the one she desperately tried to save from foreclosure -- is officially up for grabs to anyone with a spare $1.1 million.

Braxton took out a loan for the Duluth, GA crib back in 2004 for $1.5 million -- but according to the bank, she failed to make at least 10 monthly payments between 2004 and 2010.

As TMZ first reported, the singer filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2010 -- during which time she tried to save the home from being sold off. It didn't work. 

Here's what she's losing ... 11,400 square feet,  6-bedrooms, 6-baths, an acre of land, jacuzzi tub, gourmet kitchen and a library.

FYI -- This is the second house Braxton lost to foreclosure. Her Nevada pad was sold off back in 2010.

And Fun Fact: The house was featured on Braxton's reality show "Braxton Family Values." Safe to say they won't be holding any reunion specials there.


No Avatar


Maybe if she put the $$$ she spends on weaves into her monthly mortgage payment, this would not have had to happen. Really sad.

709 days ago


TMZ should rename itself "stories about minorities in legal and/or financial trouble dot com" because that makes up about 80% of the stories on here these days. Seriously. Look for yourself.

709 days ago


. . . greed exceeded need --- again.

709 days ago


I like Toni, but she must be a slow learner. I wish she'd get past the idea that she has to support every member of her family and their dogs in the style only she has earned. That is not her responsibility. Get it together, woman, while you've still got something to sell.

709 days ago


That is what happens when you use Credit and live above your means, Sorry but I do not feel sorry for you. When the money's good buy what you can afford and pay cash including your home when possible. That way when times are bad your stuffs paid for and your dept free and if you've spent less than you made guess what you have some money to see you thru the bad times

709 days ago


Toni Braxton (who the eff is she?) has had more then one bankruptcy: Meaning, we the people are paying her bills yet again. Way to add to the deficit, B! America thanks you. Again.

709 days ago


Can't live the rich lifestyle forever, when your only a ONE HIT WONDER. Should have made better investments Tony..

709 days ago


You all should have watched Behind the Music before you start judging!

709 days ago


The only reason it's up for sale is because she doesn't want it anymore. As for the rest of the 50 million or that she spent and owes on I'm sure those assets are well hidden, like at her Auntie's homes and her sisters homes, and or some storage facility that she has an accountant pay for with untraceable money orders or a check from an an account unrelated to her. She goes bankrupt every so many years, I bet her sisters do to.

708 days ago


Well I watched her show...and her VH1 special...and her do***entary from years ago...and she seemed to not get paid by her record companies. Did you know after her first 2 albums (which sold over 10 million and 5 million copies) she had less than $2000 from it? It all when back into the record labels expenses, the dresses, shoes, stylist, make up artist, even her GRAMMYS and AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS cost money! She had to go to court to get the money that she earned and when she did she when she did she and when she thought she was okay. She became pregnant, and so her label didn't want to promote her album (it flopped at #13) and she had a heart attack at her Vegas show forcing her to cancel, diagnosed with lupus which causes her to become tired very easily and so she can't tour anymore, her son has autism so think about the cost for schooling and special education. You can have your opinions but at least know the person before you comment on their life and you know nothing about them.

708 days ago


I hope Toni and anyone else going through troubled times the best. Sometimes you have to know when to let go of the high minded lifestyle especially when she had such humble beginnings growing up in Maryland. I wondered why Vince and Tamar didn't buy the house and let Toni rent from them. We all can speculate that Vince is a multi-millionaire. It would keep the home from foreclosure and the kids can stay in familiar as well.

708 days ago

Gary A.    

Sorry Toni, you are a beutiful young lady and I hope things turn out better for you! keep the faith honey!

708 days ago


I saw her on a reality show once when she was doing beauty and the beast on Broadway and they were looking at apartments to rent while she was doing the show. She looked at one for 5,000, 30,000 and 45,000 a month and she picked the 45,000 one. I remember even then thinking wish I could live like that af ter filling bankruptcy. It was just her not sure why she needed such a large apartment for a few months?

708 days ago


She really tried to spin her financial woes on Behind The Music. You would think she would try to keep roof over her children's heads. I wonder where is the famous "Gucci Flatware"?

708 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

It amazes me to see cheap-looking stuff (like those ugly sliding doors on the shower/tub) on million-dollar homes.

708 days ago
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