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Barbara Walters

Lindsay's Leno Interview

Is a Slap in the Face

11/12/2012 9:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Barbara Walters
is straight-up insulted that Lindsay Lohan canceled an interview with her to chat with Jay Leno instead -- claiming Lindsay's people didn't even have the courtesy to explain why she pulled out.

Barbara spoke out on "The View" this morning, saying, "If they'd said to me 'You know, Barbara, she isn't up to the kinds of questions that you might ask' ... If they had told me that, I wouldn't feel quite as disappointed as I do today."

Lindsay had previously been scheduled to do an interview with Walters on "20/20" but the actress canceled -- and Barbara claims Lindsay's people gave her a BS excuse ... that LiLo just wasn't feeling "up to it."

Next thing Barbara knew, Lindsay's people had booked her on Leno instead -- and she's insinuating ... it's because Leno won't ask the hard-hitting questions Barbara wanted to. 

Lindsay's Leno interview is supposed to air next week.

She refused to talk to Barbara -- but you'll recall, Lindsay opened up about her family problems on TMZ Live just last month. The interview was explosive.



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So what Barbara You didn't get it. Tough! It took 2 1/2 years for the President to get suckered into a tough interview and it was a Mexican TV station. NO ONE goes were they may not like the questions asked.

711 days ago

Hot Farts    

Dina Lohan - pull yer head out and get a job you drug addict. Michael Lohan...stay out of the fvkin press and work on gaining the trust and a healthy relationship with your children and send money to the kids not the mother. If Dina cannot support her home and lifestyle she needs to sell the house and downsize like many women do once their kids are grown and they are older. How did she get a house in the first place with no job or child support?

711 days ago

Hot Farts    

I really do not want to hear any more interviews with Lindsay...she gets worse and worse with her emphesema voice and her irrational pathetic lies...its like a horrible Dynasty flashback...just surreal and it is the fault of the EVIL MOTHER ugh

711 days ago


The View women would have just kissed her ass like they do everyone else. They talk trash about people, then those people go on their show and they kiss up to them.

711 days ago


sorry but the reason I like leno is he at least respects his guests and their boundaries and knows that it's not about ripping into someone's personal life.. they are only there to fullfill their contractual obligations to advertise their project. Walters seems to think demolishing an actress is just fine. It's castro.. leave her alone. She made the right choice

711 days ago


Michael Lohan ‏@Michael_Lohan
Why is this stupid Jay Leno making fun of my family? Shame on you Jay, its time to apology or I will take it in my own hand.
good old days

711 days ago


every time I look at RED CLAMS posts..I see that to the right he always has more "HATES then Likes".
most time he has ZERO likes..
What happened to Lielos million supporters?
they must not like him..
You would think they would vote in his Favor too..
I guess they are all sleeping, or cant speak english

711 days ago


Windsay Wohan?
It’s me Windsay Wohan, Wed Cwoudy Boo Boo
Windsay Wohan? What’s it wike to be wiff a woman?
Pwease help me Windsay Wohan, I have hair gwowing on my palms.
Windsay Wohan? Pwease wemember to get me the Ewmo job on Sesame Stweet. ok?
Do you wike bananas Windsay Wohan?
Youew fwiend and wesbian,
Wed Cwoudy Ewmo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

711 days ago


Morning ,
Rainy and turning

Most of the posters on that Free Lindsay Facebook page are from Brazil......and South America.....they say know the most highly
intelligent civilized people in the world...according to Miss J and Julia ...Sure shows don't it.....

Looks like Lindsay is goina have trot back to the barn....Harvey still running with his new pony Ariel Windters the Lindsay Jr want to be....pounding away at her mother....that is one dead eyed 14 yr old... pure calculation in those dark who look like that show scare the shyt out of you....!.....
and the Elmo story......I find it funny that a openly gay man in not anymore wiser then a regular man with it come to sex....they will stick it in anything without making sure its legal many guys have been caught in that same trap...and had to do jail time because the girl lied about her age.... comes from letting their little brain rule instead of their big brain....LOL

711 days ago


Barbara's get over it....

711 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Ketjo, I saw the pic of the Lying Lindsay, Mike and Ali.
The tree of them look like addicts. Thats the way the dress for a screening? Ali looks horrible, especially for a 18 yr old. The drugs really stole her youth. Lindsay looks stoned out of her face. Milo jr. looks creepy, like a sex offender. He's stoned too.
Such a ugly group they are.
In the other pic, Lying Lindsay with the girl, Lindsay looks old enough to be her mother.
I got news for the enablers on here, the new firm is NOT going to be able to rehab her image. Lindsay is lost in the drugs and will never change.
No matter how they try, the public will never see her in a bright light. The public is well aware of Lindsay Lohan and how she rolls and knows she has been given more than her fair share to clean up her life and she chooses not to.

I dont even think when the bad reveiws on her in Liz and Dick will even open her eyes or give her a reality check.

Lying Lindsay is a lost case.
Even Red Crap is seeing the light on that. But let him keeping tooting is hope horn, cause the more he does it the more he sets a Black Jinx upon Lindsay Lohan

711 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Milo jr. looks like a shady Pimp with his two Ho's on the FB photo

711 days ago


wouldnt that be great to have a nice little warrant issued today, right before the Lino Lie Fest..

711 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Not a fan of the Kardashians BUT at least when Rob takes a picture with his sisters you dont want to vimit after seeing it.
What a difference between the Kardashians and the Lohans. What a ugly family the Lohans are..Ewwwww!

711 days ago


You notice old Harvey got his 5 stories out of one paragraph last week then let it die........He knows the drill..........and won't touch it again unless they pay him...or he sees a way to make more money off of it..make no mistake Harvey is NOT a Lohan friend....he uses them as much as they use make money...thats all !......
He just is selective about the stories he runs cause she doesnt want to kill his golden goose....

711 days ago
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