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Baltimore Bus Driver

FIGHTS Teen Passenger

... Like a Girl [VIDEO]

11/13/2012 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If last month's epic bus driver fight taught you nothing, let this new video serve as a final lesson -- DO NOT MESS WITH YOUR BUS DRIVER ... because she will beat the crap out of you.

The new video was shot yesterday on board a Baltimore bus -- showing a female bus operator unleashing a ferocious beatdown on a female high school student.

According to the person who posted the clip on YouTube, the fight started because the student was playing her music too loud -- and the bus driver hit FIRST.

At the end of the video, the bus driver says the fight was about the student being "disrespectful."

A rep for the MTA in Baltimore says the driver has worked for the city since 2003, and has been placed on leave while the MTA investigates the incident.

It's the second crazy fight video we've seen on a bus in a month -- you'll recall the last video showed a male bus driver in Cleveland uppercutting a girl for allegedly assaulting him (below).



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Useless hood rat got pwn3d. Hard-core. Props to the bus driver.

708 days ago


I like both bus drivers. They don't take bully crap. They get up and do what they have to.

708 days ago

psycho nurse    

This is an underage high school CHILD and the bus driver should have followed protocol instead of putting her hands on her. Sorry but that was completely inappropriate conflict resolution and bullying. She deserves to be terminated and charged with child abuse.

708 days ago


A black woman with a temper...imagine that. ASSAULTING a minor. That kid and her parents are going to sue. No doubt about that. Crazy driver better hit the unemployment line.

708 days ago


It's not about a Male hitting a Female.
Father's spank/ hit/ discipline their daughter's.

708 days ago


As a child, our bus driver's were always . . .
-- Yelled at using profanity
-- Ridiculed
-- Erasers/ spit-wads thrown at them
-- Bell repeatedly rung in their ears
Minor's use their age as protection when doing wrong.

708 days ago


It seems some people are under the impression both "girls" are teenagers. The lady in Cleveland who got punched is 25. In other videos of the incident you can see her shoving and hitting the driver, not to mention harrassing him as he attempts to drive the bus. You can check out a post-uppercut video of her here, where she attempts to sound like a choir girl:

708 days ago



708 days ago


The student hit first but the bus driver was wrestling the girl. You can see in the beginning where she starts hitting the driver first. Then, in the video, you can even hear the bus driver say something like, "you shouldn't have hit me then" and the girl responds with "You shouldn't have been all up in my face then!" or something like that... The little girl prolly had a attitude and got all big then did something she shouldn't have done. Every thing has a right to defend itself, maybe the driver shouldn't have touched her stuff at all, if she had a problem, she could have just stopped the bus to kick her off. Irregardless, the girl hit first

708 days ago


the kids might have been disrespectful but you cant raise other people kids. she should have ignore her. life would teach this kid manner. just saying

708 days ago


Once again an ignorant kid running the mouth gets put in their place. People are sick of hood actin black folk. These kids need to get that ass beat guy or girl. Black people teach there kids how to dance instead of reading. Teach kids how to be tough instead of showing some class. Black America is doomed as long as ghetto ass *****s stay ghetto ass *****s. Read a book

708 days ago

Kylie Phillips    

that girl had it coming in the second video abusing the bus driver well hey at least he has a job and gets paid!

708 days ago

Mr. Clean    

And the unemployment line just grew by one.

708 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

Dang...that upper cut to the chin was incredible....she should have played dead and layed sprawled out on the

708 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

He knocked the PONYTAIL off of her head.

708 days ago
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