Ariel Winter's Babysitter Mom NEVER Abused Her ... In Any Way Whatsoever

11/14/2012 1:13 PM PST

Ariel Winter's Babysitter -- Mom NEVER Abused Her ... In Any Way Whatsoever

More friends and family members are rallying around the mother of "Modern Family" star Ariel Winter -- including Ariel's old babysitter -- claiming Ariel's mom never abused her daughter ... sexually, physically, or emotionally.

Two new declarations have been filed in the custody case involving 14-year-old Ariel and her mother Chrystal Workman -- after a judge ordered Ariel be taken out of the home in light of abuse allegations.

Ariel is currently in the temporary guardianship of her older sister Shanelle -- but Ariel's former babysitter and her mom's cousin have both filed declarations supporting the return of Ariel to Chrystal's care.

The babysitter writes, "As a former licensed in-home daycare provider trained to recognize abuse, I saw no signs nor did I witness abuse of any kind (sexual, physical, or emotional) against Ariel."

Meanwhile, Chrystal's cousin calls Chrystal "a morally sound, extremely loving and protective parent."

The cousin writes, "It is without doubt that Ariel is thinking evidently of her age, without understanding the severity of her actions ... Still early in these teenage development years, Ariel must have limits that only a parent can determine" -- a thinly-veiled reference to Ariel's alleged tryst with an 18-year-old boy.

For Ariel's part -- her friends insist she isn't lying about the abuse ... and multiple sources say Chrystal is an overbearing stage mom whom "Modern Family" producers wanted to ban from the set.

A judge has yet to rule on Ariel's guardianship status.