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Ariel Winter's Babysitter

Mom NEVER Abused Her ...

In Any Way Whatsoever

11/14/2012 1:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1114-ariel-winter-chrystal-workman-splashMore friends and family members are rallying around the mother of "Modern Family" star Ariel Winter -- including Ariel's old babysitter -- claiming Ariel's mom never abused her daughter ... sexually, physically, or emotionally.

Two new declarations have been filed in the custody case involving 14-year-old Ariel and her mother Chrystal Workman -- after a judge ordered Ariel be taken out of the home in light of abuse allegations.

Ariel is currently in the temporary guardianship of her older sister Shanelle -- but Ariel's former babysitter and her mom's cousin have both filed declarations supporting the return of Ariel to Chrystal's care.

The babysitter writes, "As a former licensed in-home daycare provider trained to recognize abuse, I saw no signs nor did I witness abuse of any kind (sexual, physical, or emotional) against Ariel."

Meanwhile, Chrystal's cousin calls Chrystal "a morally sound, extremely loving and protective parent."

The cousin writes, "It is without doubt that Ariel is thinking evidently of her age, without understanding the severity of her actions ... Still early in these teenage development years, Ariel must have limits that only a parent can determine" -- a thinly-veiled reference to Ariel's alleged tryst with an 18-year-old boy.

For Ariel's part -- her friends insist she isn't lying about the abuse ... and multiple sources say Chrystal is an overbearing stage mom whom "Modern Family" producers wanted to ban from the set.

A judge has yet to rule on Ariel's guardianship status.


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just another hot ass young girl who wants to date older men, and screw her life up, become pregnant all out in the world along stop her before she become a Miley. i don;t think the mother abuse her, she just wants to be a smart ass and get her way, whether she wants her mother arrested or know to the world as a child abuser. where is dr. phil.

675 days ago


I believe the allegations, but even if it weren't true...If a 14 year old wants out from under her mom's thumb, there isn't much Mom can do to hold her. Fighting about it in court isn't going to win the child over, that's for sure. Let Ariel live with her sister, everybody get some family therapy, and maybe someday these relationships can begin to mend. The current approach is going to get her nowhere.

675 days ago


There are always 3 sides to every story. It appears Ariel is not being 100% truthful here.

675 days ago


This is why so many children are afraid 2 talk about abuse they have undergone!! No one knows this girl 2 call her a tramp.. And if her sister (who wasn't famous) complained about the same treatment that's a MAJOR RED FLAG!

674 days ago


Such a sad, sad situation. I believe the judge should put her money in a trust until she is grown. As far as her father, where was he during all of this? Rather it was true or not, he should have stepped in when the relationship was first strained. As far as the sister, she may have a child herself but that doesn't make her capable of caring for a teenager. I am not putting her down, I just know what it would've been like if I lived with my sister or if my daughter lived with hers. Sisters have a friendship/bond that would make it difficult for one to parent the other. For those who are saying she stated she didn't want the money or they get along, etc. How do you think they are going to act when they know people are watching. As far as the mom goes, I think she has issues and that part of the stories may be true but I think they may be exaggerated. If so, rather than deny it, she should be honest and get the help she needs. People are much more forgiving when you are honest. I believe the girl would be better off with a foster family but visits with her sister.

671 days ago


This reminds of a friend of mine. We met in school and became fast friends but I never went over to her house or anything until a good while into our friendship. She would come to school with horror stories of her mother, some of them so bad I couldn't help but think she was over exaggerating. Eventually I started going over to her house and I met her mother; she seemed very nice. I thought I was right and my friend was taking things too seriously. It wasn't until one night when I was over there and I saw a complete shift in her personality as she threw a child like temper tantrum. I kept going over there and I started seeing more and more that my friend was being a 100% accurate, this woman should have been in no way responsible for the well being of another person.

The thing that really struck me was that I started seeing from my friends point of view, I started to know how she felt when she would tell people these things and no one would believe her. I even told my own mother and she didn't believe me until she ended up seeing it for herself.

The other thing that struck me is that everyone one of there family friends and relatives were either totally blind to it, knew of it but not the full extent or simple didn't want to know and kept their distance. So as to not have to get involved.

670 days ago


Teen-agers are very goofy, and if you grab their arm and tell them to go to their room or whatever-to them it's abuse! Girls especially get into lots of disagreements with their parents at this age and want to "move out"! This is probably just typical family stuff---I think TMZ should just leave them on peace to work it put. We REALLY don't care about this, Harvey, honestly. Leave them alone now. Sheesh!

670 days ago
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