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Angelina from 'Jersey Shore'

Guido Non Grata at MTV's

'Restore Shore' Cleanup

11/15/2012 12:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today's shocker ... MTV wants nothing to do with disgraced "Jersey Shore" star Angelina Pivarnick for its Hurricane Sandy clean-up benefit "Restore the Shore" -- even though the rest of the "Jersey Shore" cast has been invited.

Angelina tells TMZ, she's reached out multiple times to participate in the "Restore the Shore" effort -- which airs live today -- because her friends and neighbors were badly affected by the recent storm and she wants to help ... but MTV has blown her off.

Angelina says she's already volunteered with local business owners and the Red Cross ... and she believes "Restore the Shore" is a great cause -- but tells TMZ, "I remain uninvited to participate ... even after attempts to contact the organizers by my management team."

Angelina calls the rebuff a "sore reminder of how I have been treated in the past" -- and adds, "This is a time where they should suck it up and stand on one side of the room and let me be there. I am very hurt by this."

Calls to MTV were not returned.


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Her management team? Why the hell would she need a management team? You are not a celebrity and you have no talent. I just don't get it.

685 days ago


I can't imagine why anyone would want anyone from Jersey Shore there at all! YUCK!

685 days ago


Maybe the problem is that her manager is porn star Demi Delia who also represents octomom ...we have all seen how she is a lowlife, ponds*** type, who is now representing the octuplets, actually exploiting 14 kids....she can't turn the publics mind, too many truths & facts supporting about octo's failure at being even a half-a$$ed decent mom...Gina knew about octos alchohol & illegal drug abuse, but still protected she is exploiting the kids by filming a x-mas video, which is so amateurish & tacky..just for a last ditch attempt to make money...guess her dreams of making octo & herself rich & famous didn't pan out, so now she is hoping her newest money making scheme are the roctuplets......again, why is CPS letting her exploit 14 kids.......meanwhile the Palmdale police dept. has reopened the case...stay tuned, angelina, this is what happens when you hire a porn wh8re for a manager....even jersey shore won't touch that...

685 days ago


I will honestly never understand people's hate for this girl when the very same people adore the s*** that Snooki and the rest of the Jersey Shore. They're all dirty; they're all annoying. Get over it. I don't care for the girl but I do believe her actions were sincere. I mean, it's a benefit for Sandy victims. What is she going to do? Start a fight? Start fist pumping? I mean come on now. The only reason she was not invited was because her cast mates demanded so and to be honest, that's pretty selfish to me. If its a benefit that I truly cared about, I would be trying to get all the people possible to participate, whether I couldn't stand their guts or not. That is why I believe JS is phony. They don't care any more for the Sandy victims than you people believe that this girl does. That is the truth.

685 days ago


No one gives a **** about you, you Polish girl ! And don dont call your self Italian or guidette how ever they say it, you have polish last name and if i m not mistaking Pivarnick means Beerhouse or Beer somthing

685 days ago


Who?? That's what MTV probably said to her. Who??

685 days ago


thats really sad how angelina cant be on the show why do people hate her so much she just wants to help out and i hate all the dumbasses calling her skank and whore oh please like snooki and deena are any better? they are way sluttier than angelina so you can stfu people snooki and deena are gross and disgusting and angelina is ****ing beautiful so they should just let her be on it how immature to not let her be on it

685 days ago



685 days ago


She pretty much wore out her welcome!

685 days ago


Chill Angie, do the work you signed up for already. Also can we just leave the shore underwater? Seems better for everyone.

685 days ago


lol both are wrong.she wants attention.but mtv is turning down someone wanting to help? that is a joke.mtv is only doing it for ratings.

685 days ago

Fidel Sarcastro    

Has MTV ever considdered that Sandy was the Flying Spaghetti Monster's wrath for producing Jersey Shore? Sure plagues, raining frogs, sworms of locusts and dead first borns worked in the past but a huge storm works just as well... Shame on you MTV for angering the great noodly one with your craptastic programming.

685 days ago

TV Gord    

This story doesn't explain why she was disgraced (for those of us who don't watch that show). A news story should explain that sort of thing.

685 days ago


She can still go out and help clean up the shore, just not with Restore the Shore. But of course she won't do that because it doesn't benefit her. And as for being disgraced, get in line. That whole cast is a disgrace.

685 days ago


She was a loser then, & she's a loser now...ewww I don't blame mtv for not wanting this sleeze on their show..I can't stomach her.

685 days ago
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