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Michael Lohan


DNA Confirms Teen Lovechild

11/15/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

THE DNA TEST IS IN -- Michael Lohan fathered an illegitimate lovechild back in 1995 behind Dina Lohan's back ... and Michael's reaction to the shocking paternity reveal was all caught on tape.

Michael agreed to submit to a DNA test for an episode of "Trisha Goddard" -- where he comes face-to-face for the first time with the 17-year-old girl who claimed to be his daughter -- and the results came back POSITIVE.

The girl's mother -- Kristi Horn -- has claimed Michael was the father for years, and has even tried multiple times to get him to pay child support ... but Michael adamantly denied the allegations.

The reveal -- which airs tonight -- is cringeworthy ... Michael can't believe the news ... and the girl's mother immediately bursts into tears. 

After, Michael gets up to hug his newfound daughter (Ashley) and she resists, shouting, "No! No! No!" while Michael pleads, "I just want to hug you."

FYI ... Michael's two youngest children with Dina -- Ali and Cody -- were born in 1993 and 1996 respectively. Which means Ashley was conceived somewhere in the middle.

Congrats, Lindsay. You got a new half-sister.


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Ewwww. I would be pissed if I knew Milo was my dad.

673 days ago


so mom f"d a married man. a married michael lohan at that.

now that's just nasty and speaks volumes about her morals. or rather the lack thereof.

673 days ago

Lisa G    

That poor girl. I hope he continues to stay away from her. Having no dad is better than having that guy as an influence/hindrance.

673 days ago


And as a bonus he's got another couple in the wings.....UGH !...
How many does this make you Micheal...4 legitimate , and soon to be 3 bastards.....Can keep it in your pants at least put a coat on it....Your to old for babies....Nasty man.....
I saw a Lindsay Lohan Robot on Jimmy Fallon or I thought it was a robot it was so stiff and unemotional till I found out it was really Lindsay.....what can I say.....I've seen rocks that show more emotions....
Ok , my personal Heckler ! here's another one for ya. !!!
Looks like our friend finely got enough courage snuffed up his/her nose to come back to the playground.....Laffingbear.

673 days ago


Well MILO, after branding the mother of your daughter a liar and a whore, you want a "loving father" moment? Your daughter was too well brought up to do what I would have done, bitch slap you into the next century. You wanted your fvcking publicity, you got it. Now pay your fvcking child support, ALL of it, to ALL of your baby mama's. BTW, your "look of surprise" was an EPIC fvcking fail. You have now proven that you are a worthless piece of sh!t yet again. PAY YOUR FVCKING CHILD SUPPORT and leave that young woman alone. She doesn't want you in her life and I cannot blame her a bit. You tried for one more bit of publicity to embarrass she and her mother, instead you got the media you craved. Hope its a bitter fvcking pill for you and DUIna.

673 days ago

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673 days ago

some guy    

Ashley seems normal. That's what happens when you don't have a Lohan in your life.

673 days ago


See, DUIna? Volcano Lohan WAS slagging around on you. You might've noticed if you hadn't been so busy with your hands in Linds' safe and your face in her cocaine pile.

673 days ago


How much y'all wanna bet Milo is gonna try milk this whole publicly stunt dry in order to pay his child support?

673 days ago


Isn't there a name for women who sleep with married men???? Ashley is going to find out that life isn't so easy for a bastard child, at least after the novelty wears off.

673 days ago


Two letters: E.W.

673 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Did the Milo Judge Judy episode air yet? I saw a commercial for it. I would love if they sent all of Lindsay's cases to Judge Judy.

673 days ago


MIchael Lohan may well be one of the biggest pieces of garbage ever to walk the face of the earth (other than his children, of course). This guy is so desperate for attention that he will embarrass himself publicly over and over again, which is indicative of some severe mental illness issues (old news, I know). Perhaps Little Lilo can take him for a drive somewhere where there are no guard rails and steep ravines and put us all out of our collective Lohan-based misery and drive off the side of a mountain at high speed at night so all that will eventually be found is a rusted vehicle and two (make that three, let's include slut Dina) rotting corpses.

Yes, that is my Christmas wish.

Let us pray.

673 days ago


Oh gosh, how sad for her! :(

673 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Today on Wendy Willaims Grant is going to be on, which will be funny to watch him lie and twitch as he says how great Lying Lindsay is.

Anyway Wendy said she and a couple of moms were watching LnD in her car on a dvd player while they waited for their kids at Basketball.
She said the woman were talking so much she couldn't even hear it....Bwahahahha!! That tells me they were laughing at Lying Lindsay and commenting how crappy she is.

If it was good, they would of been quite and watching. It didn't keep their intrest.

Wendy did have to say it looks like a good movie, cause Grant is on the show today.

673 days ago
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