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Russell Brand

Sends Homeless Guy's

Trash Flying Everywhere

11/15/2012 11:09 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Russell Brand
turned a homeless man's life upside down today -- literally -- but in the end he made things right.

Russell was tooling around Hollywood in his Range Rover at around 9 AM, when he accidentally smashed into a homeless guy's shopping cart, filled with recyclables and other stuff.


But Russell knows when he makes a mess -- he quickly jumped out of his car and helped the homeless guy pick up the stuff and place it back in the cart.

The homeless guy wasn't hurt -- and went on his merry way.

It's Russell's latest homeless person encounter -- in September he took a bunch of homeless dudes to breakfast. Another time he let a homeless man use his bath.


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Hank Hill    

If it weren't for the arrow in the photo, I would have assumed Russel was the homeless guy. What a dirt bag.

707 days ago


I praise Russell for taking responsiblity for his actions. Taking homeless people to breakfast is something more people in society need to do. Russell is an inspiration, knee socks and all.

707 days ago


What the heck is he wearing? Nice that he helped pick up the cans. Did he give the guy any cash or food? Did he check the cart to make sure he didn't mess up the wheels? How about not hitting the guy in the first place.

707 days ago

Alix from France    

You just discover he's cool with homeless people? because you're in US. It's common to see Russell helping others. Where have you been?

707 days ago


If you want to help homeless people but worried that they'll the money on destructive things like alcohol, just keep a supply of health bars/nutrition bars in the car, pass them out to homeless people whenever you're inclined, they're healthy and packaged and will last

707 days ago


Russell is a refreshing person. He seems humble, like he has a bit of humility, unlike a LOT of his fellow celebrity types...I look at him and I sort of feel like he doesnt belong in Hollywood...not in a bad way, in a good's no wonder him and perry couldn't be together...she seems naive.... like she doesn't know very much about the world.. and she seems like she would be the type that would laugh along if a stuck up friend started to make fun of a homeless person...Russell doesn't seem like that type of guy. I think he knows how it feels to be desperate...down on your luck...depressed...he's been there...and he's never forgotten how it feels. I commend him for his refreshing attitude... sure beats the normal stuff we hear about celebs encounters with homeless...usually we hear about them beating homeless people or making fun of them...thank God there are still a few people in Hollyweird with a can tell he doesn't do this for press.. unlike most of them...can you imagine what most of them do and say?? Sadly, so many people talk about homeless as if they're an animal or an object...not just celebrities...everyone it seems's so disgusting how we treat people who are down on their luck.

707 days ago

Alix from France    

You just discover he's cool with homeless people? because you're in US. It's common to see Russell helping others. Where have you been?

707 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

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707 days ago


It didn't occur to him to hand the guy a few dollars?

707 days ago

It's Dave    

He drove in to the dude. I'm not going to praise him for helping the dude pick up his stuff when that is the least he could do for the dude after driving in to him. At least he didn't just drive off... like Lindsay Lohan would no doubt do. So kudos to Russell for not being a Lohan.

707 days ago


What a sweetheart. Americans certainly aren't forgiving like the Jesus guy so many worship.

707 days ago


WOW that is one nice gguy

707 days ago


Deport Him...

707 days ago


he should give the homeless man a $10,000 gift, why not!

707 days ago


I respect and admire what Russel did, he acted like a decent human being; but, what is he wearing? His pants are see through, and he seems to have no underwear!

707 days ago
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