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Lindsay Lohan

I REFUSE to Read

Bad 'Liz & Dick' Review

11/16/2012 3:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan is unfazed by the scathing review about her performance in "Liz & Dick" ... because she refuses to read it ... this according to sources close to the actress.

We're told ... Lindsay has a strict NO-CRITICS policy ... and refuses to read any professional reviews of her performances, EVER.

Lindsay has told friends she doesn't want to let the reviews -- positive or negative -- "take away from her experience on the project."

Despite the harsh review in the Hollywood Reporter -- which slammed the movie as "spectacularly bad" -- we're told Lindsay insists she "loved playing Elizabeth Taylor and is in love with the final product."


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Hot Farts    

Since when do legit publications' critics review lifetime movies...LOLOLOL!!!

Please enjoy my personal pic of Lohan's white potato thighs

674 days ago

Hot Farts    

its not cheek implants its fillers and skin bleaching along with TONSS of booze daily...stored in face and potato thighs seen here left

674 days ago

Hot Farts    

with white potato thighs like that, who needs ememies

674 days ago


What else is this no talent moron going to say. She doesn' have to read them everyone else is and laughing thier asses off.

674 days ago

Hot Farts    

woweeewowwow! jokes aside

Just watched a portion of the GMA interview. I think I mentioned here before that I am teased about how much Lindsay Lohan and I look alike (rather when I was younger and before her looks changed) everyone is like "wow Lindsay Lohan looks exactly as you did it is weird" I am older and I have to say that I am shocked at ther deterioration of her face/appearance.

I look at pics of myself at my wedding when I was 28 and I have flawless taught smooth lightly freckled skin and red haid that is healthy and vibrant. Not an ounch of bloat in the face and clear balanced eyes.

I am honestly shocked at how she looks at age 26. She appears to be on some sort of meds that cause her eyes to be unbalanced and her voice is ravaged by smoke and her hair looks pasted in and her skin looks past elasticity like that of a women in her late 40s early 50s and the unnatural bloat in her face is caused by something inorganic...alomg with way too much indulgence in alcohol and sugar and bad diet...very bad...she better try a fast and a change in diet and lifestyle while it is salvageable....but we all know that she is in denial and so lacks that common sense to see herself as she is...what a delusional mess...AND THAT IS REAL TALK

674 days ago


MonopoLinds, anybody?

674 days ago


The only one who is possibly going to benefit is Lifetime. The only thing Lohan is going to get is rotten reviews for lousy acting.

She bombed so bad on SNL that was live. This is a movie. Take 1, take 2, take 26, take 48 (you get my point and she still couldn't get it right).

Besides her really bad acting, she is just flat out horrible to work with. Not a professional bone in her body. Casts and crews can't stand her producers, directors pull their hair out. Investors know shes not worth it and won't waste their money on her.

All of her crap she brings to the set when she decides to show up after sobering up is not worth the migrain. She's a nightmare on the set and she certinly doesn't have the talent to cop that kind of attitude. She know it.

Lohan isn't reading any scripts because nothing is getting sent to her.

674 days ago

Red Cloud    

"Lohan, in character as Taylor, is often so believable you might think you’re seeing the real thing, but then every once in a while she’ll backslide and deliver lines that sound DOA."
There are reviews and there are reviews and there are reviews.... Keep in mind the film was done in twenty two days and REAL movies have many scenes that require a dozen or more takes each to get it right requiring a much longer stretch of time fro completion. She will get it right most of the time, and that's enough. Imagine if this movie had a huge budget and filming stretched for months!!! It will be fascinating to see waht Lindsay can do under intense pressure in this early phase of her comeback. When the pressure eases off and her acting muscle is strong, that's when the fun begins. You(hater) think she's not on the big screen again??? She landed on the big screen with huge names in Hollywood BEFORE the age of twenty!!! Do you actually really and really think her young chick craziness was the reason??? Robert Altman hires Lindsay for that ????? Haters cannot be that stupid!!!!!

674 days ago


"Spectacularly Bad" -Hollywood Reporter

That's nothing short of HILARIOUS!

674 days ago

Hot Farts    

OK Rogers & Cowan are powerful in Hollywood for sure otherwise the idea that Potato thighs hooker girl resembles Elizabeth Taylor would not be entertained. Rogers & Cowan serves the Koolaid and trades on glad handing and favors for the next artist to get this one past the outlets such as ET and GMA. GMA and ET knows that R&C will not allow their artists on the show if they do not say

"(robot voice) L i n d s a y is the s p i t t i n g i m a g e o f LIZ"

Fvk me. Just watch one of Elizabeths movies or google a dozen pictures...there is NO resemblance.


674 days ago

Ellie G    


674 days ago

Hot Farts    

when the comment button goes missin...go to the story above and click on comments and it refreshes immediately

674 days ago


Not one review, even the good ones, had anything good to say about Lindsay's acting. The best I could find was her acting was "adequate". Some like the movie, mostly for the costumes, and learning about the relationship...Most like Grant Bowler's acting also. But NOT ONE has complimented Lindsay's acting...unless, of course, you think 'adequate' is a compliment.

674 days ago

Hot Farts    

GMA: So what's next for you Lindsay, car crash? Hit and Run? Grand Theft?

Lindsay: actually I have a new movie coming out called "Lindsay gets Boned by twenty Johns" I dont really read the reviews, but the experience was really positive...I came up on some cool necklaces and watches.

GMA: (eyes roll) Great talkin to you Lindsay

Lindsay: I know

674 days ago

Who the Hell is Khloe    

So....she basically have to stay in doors under a rock if she doesn't want to see anything negative?,

674 days ago
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