Diddy Car Crash Frantic 911 Calls 'There's a Bad Accident'

11/17/2012 4:00 AM PST

Diddy Car Crash -- Frantic 911 Calls -- 'There's Been a Bad Accident'


Scores of bystanders frantically dialed 911 moments after Diddy's SUV slammed into another car last month -- claiming there had been a terrible accident and people were injured -- and TMZ has obtained audio of the frightened phone calls.

As we previously reported, Diddy was riding shotgun when his black SUV t-boned another car in front of the Beverly Hills hotel. The cars were damaged pretty badly, and Diddy claims he sustained multiple injuries to his neck and ribs.

He was so shaken up by the accident he had to lie down on the grass afterward. 

According to the 911 calls, the people involved in the crash sustained injuries -- but as we reported ... no one was taken to a hospital.

Diddy was spotted out later that week, back on his feet.