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Bruce Jenner

Calls BS

On Divorce Story

11/19/2012 7:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Bruce Jenner
is scoffing at a recent story which claims he's fed up with his marriage to Kris Kardashian and headed to divorce court.

Bruce had just arrived at LAX Saturday night when a photog asked him about the story ... and he could barely hide his contempt, saying everything in his marriage was fine and he was heading home to Kris.

Bruce was less forthcoming on the subject of Kim Kardashian's wussy move Friday, when she tweeted her hope for peace in the Middle East and then removed the comments after some people criticized her.

A "no comment" is the best a step dad can do when it comes to defending the indefensible.


No Avatar


Bruce ****rashian is just as filthy as Pimp Mama ****rashian.

673 days ago


Now who do you suppose told this one pap,where Bruce would be? Kris Jenner. Now who do you suppose keeps planting the divorce rumors? Kris Jenner.He clearly did not enjoy being accosted,so you know she was the"source".What a psycho she is.

673 days ago


Kris Kardashian? Did the old hag changed her name from Jenner to Kardashian? And you telling me there's no problems in their marriage? Plus, did we really expected Plastic face Bruce to admitted that the rumors are true? He is married to the biggest publicity money hungry wh0re and they are the biggest frauds.

673 days ago


You must understand that sociopaths, like Kris and Kim, have charisma, are glowing and have sexual allure.Men are easy prey for these types of manipulative women.They are masters at influence & deception.He has stuck around for so long,he must have enjoyed the ride or is just plain stupid.

673 days ago


Simon Cowell was absolutely drooling over Khloe on a t.v show today.I mean melting like a candle.Now do you know why she is on Sex-factor.?? And he is SO excited that Kim is going to appear on his show.Once again, men are such easy prey for these types.Use a littl restraint, Simon. And Kris.J can spot these easy men a mile away.Like that rich guy in Britain that is sponsoring their clothing line.He was terribly smitten with Kourtney, holding her hand etc. Of course, Jenner primed him good ahead of time.No fool,like an old fool.

673 days ago

ima leo RAWR    

all part of the big plan.. this part of their scripted life just got leaked too early. kris knows ppl are getting tired of her kids and their shows will be coming to an end soon. so the next step in her master plan to keep their name relevent will be to divorce bruce and make a show out of that

673 days ago


Just when I gained an ounce of respect for him, it was all taken back. Thought he grew some balls for a second, but of course not. He may be the sanest one out of all of them but patheticness just oozes from his pores. It's kind of sad actually.

673 days ago


I believe the divorce story was put out by the K's PR people to keep them relevant in the news. Bruce don't have the balls to walk away from Kris the pimp. She has EVERYONE in that family on lock. When she says jump they all say "how high". No one in that family would dare go against her. LOL.

673 days ago

Tookie Topbox    

He is SO pu$$y whipped. He'll never leave "Mr. Kardashian" and all her money!!!

668 days ago


Bruce Jenner is an Olympic Gold Medalist, which is far from being anything less than a winner! Based on his age and his persona, I would dare say he doesn't care about the sensationalism surrounding his family. Whether there is any truth to the rumors surrounding his marriage to Kris, it is a private matter between a husband and wife. The likelihood is that they are both two shrewd business people. Bruce simply wants to be left out of it.

464 days ago


Oh, by the way, Bruce had plenty of money from endorsements long before he met Kris!

464 days ago


Kris treats Bruce like crap. He was a wonderful athlete and a great speaker and should walk away from her with a smile on his face. After watching their show one can tell who is the most intelligent just by seeing whose kids are the most honest and intelligent.
If I had to ask for money from my spouse like he does I would walk out the door and never turn back.
He's a good guy and should be free of her criticism.

339 days ago
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