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Nightclub to 'Glee' Star

You Don't Pay ...

You Don't Get In

11/19/2012 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Glee" star Amber Patrice Riley threw a childish self-important temper tantrum last night at a NYC nightclub -- all because the club refused to supply her 30-PERSON party with an arsenal of free booze -- this according to the nightclub in question.

In case you missed it, Amber went off the rails on Twitter last night when WIP nightclub put the kibosh on her party plans -- writing, "Never in my life have I dealt with such disrespect. That club @WIPNewYork on Vandam street, they are CROOKS and LIARS!"

FYI -- WIP nightclub is the place where the infamous Drake vs. Chris Brown brawl went down earlier this year.

But a rep for WIP says the club wasn't being unreasonable when it refused admission to Riley and her massive entourage.

The rep tells TMZ, "Ms. Riley’s team had contacted management before her arrival to work out her table arrangements which included the purchase of bottles as well as a bottle on the house. Upon arrival, her party of 30 people refused to purchase any bottles, so they did not enter."

It's almost like they're in business to make money. Calls to Amber's camp weren't returned.


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SERIOUSLY! She is being called a spoil brat Because they lied to her?! First off she has a name her name is Amber P Riley! get it straight! All she wanted to do was go out and celebrate with her cast mates for having an awesome run with the Cotton Club Parade! They told her she could bring her crew in, and then all of the sudden she can't bring them and she is being asked to leave? I don't blame her for being pissed! you would be pissed too if you were being treated that way!!!! By the way you might want to learn how to spell correctly if your going to attack somone that you don't even know!

599 days ago


Hideous AND ignorant!!

599 days ago

Drew Anne    

This completely negates what the club said on twitter.

@MsAmberPRiley We apologize u had a bad experience. However u cannot come to a club with 30 people when the club is sold out. #Nightclub101"

To which her response was
"@WIPNewYork trust. If I had not called 4 days in advance and was promised guaranteed entrance I would not have. We informed your "ppl" how many were coming. We checked and double checked. I have the email chain to prove it. So whomever you had booking tables is a liar, obviously so, because he wouldn't even come outside to speak to us. He hid behind the door. Yes I saw him hiding."

They had another party and the cancelled her table. Look up the yelp reviews for this place it happens all the time with them and they are very unprofessional.

She is not and has never acted like a "childish self-important'. If you know anything about her work. Other people in the Glee Cast sure but Amber is very private and never in the public eye. She even apologized for twitter outburst.

"My apologies for going off on twitter everyone, I never act out of character this way but it was my last night to be with my cast-mates and it is was ruined. Was very disappointed but we made the best of the night!"

If they don't tell the story from both sides don't judge.

599 days ago

Jessica Johnson    

You all are clearly very thorough with your reporting. Had you taken the time to read the rest of her tweets, you would see that she has proof with a chain of emails showing her correspondence with the club. I mean seriously, you can't get **** straight.

599 days ago


Welcome to Obamas America ladies and gentleman. I know some of you were hoping that with the election of a black president that maybe black people would join the rest of us that live and breathe, but all its done is gave them an even bigger sense of entitlement. I quit talking to them years ago and my life has been so much better because of it. You cant get burned if you dont play with fire.

599 days ago

Elizabeth Thomas    

I love how y'all didn't include the club's response to Amber in this story. Which, btw contradicts what you were told. WIPNEWYORK IS FULL OF ****.

599 days ago


Calls to Amber's camp weren't returned, you say?

Um, is it really important to know about who would or would not purchase bottles 'up in duh club'? *snoozefest alert*

599 days ago


TMZ stay trying it.....don't even come for her like that...that is not what don't even start with the lies....

TMZ stay better

599 days ago

Jessica Johnson    

Holy **** there are soo many baby racists in the comment section. You all tried. Normally I wouldnt even grace a site like this with my presence, but you racists little *******s need to be set straight about how disrespectful that ****ty club was to Amber, and how they flat out lied about their conduct. TMZ is wrong for how they reported this, and all of you little ****heads stay pressed. You're in a comment section on a lame website spewing hate and Amber is out making a name for herself and ****ting on your daily lives. Look at your lives, and your life choices.

599 days ago


maybe KFC will hook you up!

599 days ago


WTH is with the entitlement and expecting free crap everywhere they go? I don't care if you're Angelina Jolie! If you have a job, you should pay for your own dinners, drinks, clothes, trips, etc.

599 days ago


I saw this bitch attempt to play Frankenfurter. There is nothing she can do ever in her life that will be more offensive than that.

599 days ago


Next time get all your facts straight before you start spouting nonsense...its called responsible journalism, look it up!

599 days ago


they probably didn't have chairs strong enough to hold Captain fat-ass and her crew anyway so it's all for the best.

599 days ago

Loretta Love    


599 days ago
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