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Voice of Elmo


Allegations of Sex with SECOND Underage Boy

11/20/2012 7:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


8:20 AM PT
-- Clash has officially resigned from "Sesame Street" today in the immediate wake of this new lawsuit.

8:40 AM PT --
The accuser's lawyer has filed new court docs, in which the date of the alleged abuse has been changed from 1993 to 2003. The accuser also says he is currently 24-years-old ... and chalks up the mistake to a typo.

Kevin Clash -- known as the voice of Elmo -- is facing NEW allegations that he had a sexual relationship with a SECOND underage boy ... TMZ has learned. 

The accuser -- who is now in his 30s -- has filed a lawsuit against Clash ... claiming the two met on a gay phone chat line back in 1993 ... when the accuser was 15 years old and Clash was 32.

In the suit, the accuser reveals his name -- Cecil Singleton. His attorney also provided TMZ with a photo.

Cecil Singleton

Among the allegations, Singleton claims, "[Clash] trolled gay telephone chat line rooms to meet and have sex with underage boys."

In the lawsuit, filed in federal court in NYC, Singleton claims Clash "groomed [the accuser] to gain his trust by, among other things, taking him to nice dinners and giving him money."

Singleton claims while Clash was featured on "Sesame Street," he was "preying on teenage boys to satisfy his depraved sexual interests."

In the suit, Singleton claims ... although the sex occurred nearly 20 years ago, he didn't take action until now because ... he "did not become aware that he had suffered adverse psychological and emotional effects from Kevin Clash's sexual acts and conduct until 2012."

Singleton is demanding more than $5 million.

We broke the story, Clash struck a settlement with a previous accuser who initially claimed he had a sexual relationship with Kevin beginning when he was 16 years old. As part of the settlement, the accuser issued a statement recanting his claims.



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This guy wears more make up then my wife.

669 days ago


Sad thing is that one of Sesame Streets most beloved puppets is going to be associated with his actions. So, much for Elmo. He should get fired for this. You think that I want my five year son watching Elmo knowing the voice behind him is a pedifile?! I'll boycott Sesame Street if they don't fire him. Where there's smoke there's fire. There has to be some truth to these allegations.

669 days ago


Everyone will be trying to get some bucks after Clash paid 6 figures to someone else. These people should be punished ! Come on, 20 years and just now he realized he suffered consequences? Or just now because Clash closed a deal and this new guy thought: "hmmm, I can make some money too! I will try for $5 million so the judge gives me at least 6 figures".

669 days ago



669 days ago

Nathan M    

Mmmm, minimum age for gay chat lines is 18, right?

669 days ago


Why are you on a gay chat line at 16? were obviously messed up long before then.......that sir is your should probably sue you parents who apparently didnt love you enough

669 days ago


Sexual molesting young boys, Gunfight at Mike Epps birthday party, Lil Wayne singing about wanting to bang Paris Hilton in a song. Seems everything the Ku Klux Klan warned us about has come to be so true. BTW, most black men are on the downlow, that is why the AIDS rate is so high in their neighborhoods.

669 days ago


if you are a fifteen year old on a gay chat line you don't need "grooming." 15 is not too young to have an idea about sexual orientation and going on a chat line is awfully proactive. i have no idea what clash may or may not have done but seducing children is wrong. but let's not pretend that 15 year olds are incapable of seduction themselves. if this man was on a gay chat line as a 15 year old then he was neither groomed nor properly parented ...

669 days ago


can any one get on the list? put me down- oh you have to know who this guy was? never mind

669 days ago


What a bunch of phony baloney's! Good grief. I sympathy for Kev. Here we go round 2 of another gold digger on Mr Clash.

669 days ago


I just wonder if you guys are defendinh him because he's a gay man having sex with underage child (allegedly) verse a married man having sex with an underage child. Sandusky and Jerry fine from Syracuse. Yes it's a money grab but it doesn't mean I don't believe he was having sex with these people before they were 18. If you work on a children show you need to avoid any and all children sexually below the age of 18. common sense.

669 days ago


Wow, what a dbag! Seriously?! "I didn't know I was scarred until 2012... you know... until that other guy got money." This is a bs claim and will most likely be thrown out. With his statement, he's already lost. If he would have said, I was afraid of coming forward. Yeah, maybe, but to say that he didn't realize until now, that he was emotionally hurt, bs. I bet he also has no proof that anything happened either.

669 days ago


even if it was the case. the statue of limitations is way up, they were both on a hotline. he does this hella later on in life? is this the new black michael jackson sexual accusations? oh well...

669 days ago


More people on gonna jump on this money train....just wait and see.

669 days ago


"Cecil" you say? LMFAO,
Nice try at a staged "Hot" photo.I think this is actually *Julian Konzern* in this pic.

669 days ago
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