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Rachel Uchitel

Happy 3 Year Anniversary

11/23/2012 1:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

3 years ago she was mistress #1 in Tiger Woods scandal ... which exploded the day after Thanksgiving when an angry Elin clubbed Tiger’s SUV, causing it to slam into a tree.

Fast forward to Turkey Night 2012 -- Rachel Uchitel, the once wild nightclub manager, is now fully-domesticated just having spent her first Thanksgiving with husband Matt Hahn -- a Penn State football star and now San Francisco finance guy -- and 6-month-old daughter Wyatt Lilly.

It’s unclear how Tiger and ex-wife Elin spent their Thanksgiving, but we’re guessing it wasn’t together.

By the way – No tigers were harmed in the making of these photos.


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No Avatar


Getting really tired of casual sex partners called "mistress." A mistress is given a house, furs, charge accounts, cars, trips and some position. Not these women.

677 days ago


Domesticated?? This is the same 9/11 widow who got her money to screw others husbands from a guy she said died to give her life!

677 days ago

Throwback kid    

The baby looks a little bit like Tiger Woods, is it possible that Rachel Uchitel had a lovemaking session with Tiger even though she was married to this guy? Rachel had no problem having sex with the husbands of other woman, so she has no moral compass, anything is possible with this woman

677 days ago


rachel will always be nothing but a dirtbag whore in my book. she always has been and always will be, she can mask her life with a family and kids, but this stupid bitch will **** over anyone, she is a user and abuser with fake hair, fake nails, fake lips, fake tan and fake smelly puss.. she is dirt and the saddest part is she knows she is dirt and keeps on being dirt. one day its all coming back to her.. oh wait. it already has..

677 days ago


They named their daughter WYATT?? F*cking trash.

677 days ago


a fully-domesticated hooker is still a hooker fully-domesticated, ... o.k. a hooker that can cook and clean dishes maybe...

677 days ago


She looks happy - good for her!

677 days ago

There's a problem here    

Bitch was so happy to get on camera when her fiancee died in the Twin Towers on 9/11. Bitch was happy to whore for Tiger. Bitch was truly happy when she had paps following her every mood. Once a whore always a whore.

677 days ago


Why even bother with the 'Rachel Uchitel
Happy 3 year Anniversary' ruse?

The writers at TMZ can't think of a thing to report about, so they re-post photos of the Tiger Woods crash that happened 3 years ago today?

If you are really that hard up for news, why not ask your loyal members what they would like to talk about?

Talk about flogging a dead horse!!

677 days ago

Moises Cordero    

who cares another fame whore!

677 days ago


Stop celebrating whores and mistresses. I certainly wouldn't want my name spread far and wide as a woman like that. I'd keep it on the down low, real low. SHhhhhhh....

677 days ago


I just remember on her post 911 interview she stated that because her fiance died she would have to "start over" pretty much meaning "find another man" to give her everything...no words about the man or his family who lost him
also its obvious she wants these personal photos out there since she didn't friend lock any gallery
poor husband and daughter ,can't she keep anything private?

677 days ago


I hope you are really happy Rachel....then I hope some woman comes in and sleeps with your man and breaks up your family! Karma for the homewrecking whore!

677 days ago


Lets cut her some slack she lost her fiance on 9/11 and as a result went nuts...she became a wh*re, f*cked Tiger Woods, got knocked up by this closet case and now has a baby. She's living the dream.

677 days ago


I know she is a beautiful woman but how in the world did this guy bring her home to meet his parents and then allow her to be the mother of his child? I mean come on she was a hooker.

677 days ago
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