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Puck from 'Real World'

Begins Prison Sentence

for Stalking

11/24/2012 5:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


"Real World" legend David "Puck" Rainey is officially locked up in a California state prison ... TMZ has learned -- after he was convicted of stalking a woman earlier this year.

The details surrounding the stalking incident are unclear, but according to court docs, 44-year-old Rainey -- who starred in "Real World: San Francisco" in 1994 -- committed the crime on February 22nd.

The docs don't state explicitly that Rainey had violated a restraining order in the process -- but he was sentenced to more than one year in prison for the crime, which suggests he violated a court order.

Rainey pled "no contest" to the stalking charge in April and was sentenced to two years in prison in September. He turned himself in to Wasco State Prison on November 8th.

Rainey was given 401 days credit for time served, so he's got roughly 300 days to go. 

Once a troublemaker, always a troublemaker.


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legend? you mean dirtbag.

666 days ago



666 days ago


Real Douchebag.

666 days ago


Who was he stalking? Rachel?

666 days ago


David aka puck is actually a nice guy that really just needs some one on one long term therapy. He was a customer of mine for a long time in San Diego. Drugs will do stuff to you. Hope he's getting help he needs. Sad ppl like to shame others for their mistakes and missteps

666 days ago


Ugh, I couldn't stand Puck. He seemed like a terrible person. The way he treated his roomates, especially Pedro, was horrible. I was so happy when the roomates chose Pedro over Puck. Good call. And if there was any doubt they made the right decision, it was confirmed they did after hearing Puck was talking smack about Pedro after he died.

666 days ago


He should be thrown in jail just for being Puck.

666 days ago

BB not bb    

What was his original troublemaking charge on The Real World? I didn't watch that season. He seemed like a shifty and dangerous guy to me. I thought he married someone from the show at one point.

It is hard to figure out what someone did to be charged with stalking. Sometimes you can just be at the same place as someone and be charged. Stalking in the literal sense sounds like you are trailing someone with the intent of harming them. Usually I think it is just people who feel ignored and want attention.

666 days ago


That's one Punk that will be passed around in prison.

666 days ago


He looks like Beavis.

666 days ago


I thought he died....

666 days ago

Celebrity Tampon    

What a d-bag. He will be a wife within 3 hours in prison. Mark my words. I think red lipstick will look good on him.

666 days ago

BB not bb    

This is the thing with someone like him. He is naturally a wild person. He is a Scandinavian who grew up in Oakland, which is a dangerous black ghetto. He spent moet of his life on the streets yet deals with people who are part of the system. He doesn't see himself as a part of the system so he doesn't fit and gets on the wrong side of it.

To me, it is like taking a wild animal and forcing it to live in a nice house and then punishing it for not knowing how to behave. It is kind of cruel. Maybe they think this guy is good looking or interesing so they want him around, but he doesn't fit in with the standards of the rest of society.

I don't think you got to know who he was on the show. He was featured there more as an oddity. Real World can be really annoying if they don't get the right mix of people. I guess they hit it big with the Jersey Shore version of it.

It seems the guy Pedro with AIDs was in fear for his psychological health around Puck and was threatening to move out, so Puck just left first. I am not sure how he could be so disturbed by Puck, other than that Puck was like a dog running loose. I think they were being overdramatic instead of just telling Puck that he had to change his socks and use a clean utensil in the peanut butter.

I think they were being overly polite around someone who was not polite at all, which made a miscommunication. A flaw of the show is that they assume that everyone is going to be able to get along but sometimes the castmates don't feel the need to try that hard.

I think you need outgoing and sociable people to make that show work. Sometimes they get a group who are very into themselves, and then that reflects back on the rest of the people in the house who end up being accused of being annoying.

666 days ago


We're talking about someone from the Real World...from 1994?? Will we get Snooki updates in 2030?

666 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Hey Snookie, this is what you have to look forward to, trying to stay relevant. Puck should do the universe a favor and die.

666 days ago
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