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Halle Berry

Security Cams MISSED Brawl

... Thanks to Old Stalker

11/27/2012 5:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There is no video surveillance footage of the violent Thanksgiving Day showdown between Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry's fiance Olivier Martinez -- and it's all because of Halle's old stalker.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, when detectives visited Halle's home last year to investigate a scary stalker situation, they advised her to re-position her home security cameras to face the fences surrounding the property ... in order to catch a possible intruder.

Halle obliged ... and the cameras have remained facing the fences ever since ... and could not have captured the front door area of the home where the fight between Halle's past and present men took place.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, detectives have reviewed the available footage -- shot at the time of last week's brawl -- and confirmed the fight went down outside of the cameras' field of vision.

As for Gabriel's claim that Halle could have erased the video -- we're told cops DO NOT believe the security footage was altered in way ... it just plain missed the shot.


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Than I hope Gabriel sues the living crap outta Ollie, Ollie Oxen Free !!

Man Halle is a real piece of work !! Her and her little minion !!

663 days ago


I had to laugh when I first read the headline, because I knew it was coming...


People on various websites have speculated for awhile that the security camera's footage would have been erased OR the camera pointed away from the severe beat down that Olivier laid upon Gabriel....


Posters also said that she would HAVE to have a working, high-tech security system due to her stalker...


So in response - they claim they were told to face the security camera away from the front door and onto a fence.. LOL.. Can they be more obvious?

663 days ago


Yeah, Right. Sorry,.....not buying it.

663 days ago


Brace yourself, the conspiracists are coming...

662 days ago


I absolutely do not believe Halle. I think Halle and Olivier cooked this whole thing up and I hope Karma bites them so hard they regret it forever.

662 days ago


really...and the cops believe this crap, after a proffesional boxer beat a male models face and irronically the cameras where facing in different directions.....geez, california cops and DA are much stupider than i wonder OJ got away with it..this effin jerk should be in jail

662 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Yes sure the cops previously recommended she reposition the existing cameras because obviously Halle Berry can't afford full coverage security cams on her property.

662 days ago


Looks like the DA may have some reference video to compare.

Radaronline is reporting: l-aubry-avoid-criminal-charges

When Halle Berry's stalker, Richard Franco, was arrested in 2011, the Academy Award winning actress turned over "extensive surveillance video that showed him jumping over the fence and into her driveway. There were at least five different cameras used and the footage, which has never been publicly shown, is still in possession of the District Attorney's office. At least one of the cameras was positioned inside the driveway in 2011," a source close to the case tells us.

And it gets better.... Gabriel is working through the proper legal channels, which don't always move fast.

662 days ago

esi rtinez-fight-filing-police-report-assault

Gabe wants criminal charges brought against Olivier for beating the living daylights out of him on Thanksgiving," a source close to the situation tells Radar. "Gabe can't believe that he was the one arrested when he says he did absolutely nothing to provoke the attack. If you look at the pictures of Gabe's hands after the fight, there isn't one scratch, nor did he suffer any wounds to his hands, as Olivier did. Gabe says he was rendered defenseless because he was knocked to the ground by Olivier's punches. Remember, Olivier's father was a former professional boxer and he has trained for years also."

662 days ago


Halle Berry is a MONSTER

662 days ago


I guess you couldn't the beat down.

662 days ago

Xx_Mrs Kravitz_xX    

Of course they don't have the footage, why would they when they knew what was going to happen?!! I f*cking despise Whorey Halle and the french Junkie she's sharing her herpes with at the moment.

662 days ago


Maybe it's just the cynic in me, but has anyone thought that maybe Gabe set this up to make Halle and Olivier look bad? Maybe Gabe knew about the camera angles. This is where his daugher lives. I'm sure he was aware of the stalker situation and what the police told Halle to do to protect herself and her child. After he provokes Olivier to beat the crap out of him, Gabe cries "produce the tapes, produce the tapes" to make himself look like the victim. This whole custody battle has been dirty since day 1. I don't trust either of them.

662 days ago


berry is an excellant dramatic actress playing the victim, instigating bad blood, and enjoying being the center of attention. . . give aubrey the little girl. . . he seems more sane

662 days ago


Halle is one horrible mother. Her and Marinez belong together. He's out buying liqour at 700am the morning after he beats someone up. He is a professional boxer what a creep. She condones it and probably encourages it. She gets her way because she is beautiful? She has called Aubrey a racist yet he dated her she has defiled everyone she works or dates. Let Aubrey have the child let her go about her own demise silly stupid sick women

662 days ago
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