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Travis Barker

Four-Letter Feelings

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11/27/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1125_travis_barker_videoYou'd have to be CRAZY to go on camera and unload on the LAPD ... talking about how much you HATE them. Well, just call Travis Barker crazy.

As TMZ first reported, Barker was pulled over by the LAPD last month -- for the second time in a year -- and he believes it was because of his tatted-up appearance. 

When we asked Barker about the situation last night in Beverly Hills, he told our photog, "I f**king hate the police," and then continued to rail on law enforcement.

Someone better stay under the speed limit for the near future.


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Your a douchebag. Spoiled little brat. When ur getting your butt kicked, or your house is getting robbed who u gonna call?? Ur homies? Haaa. U will call the cops and beg for help. Keep it up douchebag

693 days ago


OHHH, Boo ****ing Hoo, Why is it when one of these morons get stopped for braking the law, they blame it on the cops, Oh it was my Tats, or I'm black or I'm on tour. Hey stupid, don't brake the law and they won't stop you..

693 days ago


This man is an AMAZING father and all around good person.....LAPD has much bigger fish to fry down there.....Leave him alone!

693 days ago


I bet the cops hate him just as much now that he stopped tweezing his eyebrows into that fine arch we all know and hate.

693 days ago


It's amazing how white folks get all the press when black people have been saying this for centuries. And now me Fcuk the Police. Never ever trust a high school graduate with a badge or a Vet from the Iran/Afghanistan (false flags war) who has a serious case of racist PTSD.

693 days ago


Being pulled over 2x in a year isn't that big a deal. I know someone who got pulled over all the time. He drives a black Escalade with blacked out windows. I told him to stop driving a pimp-mobile and maybe the police wouldn't stop him so much. Duh! Barker wanted to look all tough with his multi-tats and muscle shirts and now he got his wish. Stop complaining.

693 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

It's good to know that if someone, (I don't know who....) were to walk up behind this stupid dumbass and....oh I don't know....maybe whack him in his ugly head with a 2x4....he wouldn't call the cops. Aside from being hideously ugly, this douche is a friggin' moron.

693 days ago


Grow up jerk-off. Maybe if you didnt drive with that rap garbage blaring out your speakers or act like an a$$hole then maybe you wouldnt get pulled over, Moron.

693 days ago


He must be talking about the douche-tard Sheriffs in his Calabasas area. Most of those guys need a good beat down.

693 days ago


well, maybe if you wern't a known junkie. Only people who break the law hate the Police.
Go join your little DJ buddy already.

693 days ago


Sounds like he is just as bias as the officers who pulled him over "just because he had tattoos." He is operating under the assumption that every police officer is bad and wrongly profiles, though he is pissed that officers were operating under the assumption that someone with all those tattoos must be a criminal/drug addict. Mmmm....pot meet kettle. As a police officer, I will be going straight home and trashing all my Blink182 albums. Screw you Travis.

693 days ago



693 days ago


I'm sure there was more than one cop pulling your stank burning ass out of that airplane, you pu&&y! Yeah, I'm sure the LAPD has time to look around for a washed up boy band drummer to harrass. You're a turd, dude!

693 days ago


All of Travis' cars have tinted windows, most illegally dark tinted windows. So I guess the LAPD is using their X-Ray specs to see his tatted up appearance inside his car.

693 days ago


this guy must be freinds with gay boy bieber PO-PO what is that

693 days ago
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