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Kelsey & Kayte

Pull a Britney with Baby


11/28/2012 8:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Kelsey Grammer's 4-month-old baby doesn't just party at the Playboy mansion ... she also dangerously rides in vehicles WITHOUT A CAR SEAT ... and it was all caught on tape.

Kelsey and his wife Kayte arrived at LAX yesterday with their adorable (and fragile) baby daughter Faith ... when they were met by a waiting chauffeured SUV.

But as Kayte was about to enter the car with the kid, she realized there was no car seat in the SUV ... but she got in the car with the baby anyway.

Kayte seatbelted herself in the car, and with the baby cradled against her chest, the car took off ... a clear violation of the California car seat law.

We're assuming the baby made it home unfazed ... but according to various safety organizations, it's a STUPID risk to transport your newborn without a proper child safety seat ... considering car seats can significantly reduce the risk of injury in an accident.

Of course, Britney Spears took all sorts of heat when she drove around with her baby in her LAP several years ago. 

Kelsey's rep, Stan Rosenfield, insists there was a car seat inside the vehicle ... though there's no evidence of that in this video.



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LiLo's boy toy    

TMZ your such ass holes, "PULL A BRITNEY". It's to bad someone don't follow you s*** bags around for a week.

658 days ago


A child seat is not required for transportation in a bus or taxi. Basically this waiting car is a taxi so while unsafe it is not exactly illegal.

658 days ago


This is ridiculous.

1. many, MANY parents has done this before. In fact, 90% of all parenst ,except some paranoid far-right fundamentalist christians would still have their kids if we went to the extreme, I saw a kid outside who had a cigaretter in his mom, as a goof clearly. But I can take a pic of that and put the mother in trouble.
2.if TMZ are so worried, why didnt you speak up while it happend? As always you video tape and doesnt say ****, then act all outrageous after uploading the tape. Clearly TMZ doesnt care about the baby's safety.

658 days ago


Self indulgent morons. Call CPS ASAP. Something tells me he is a controlling abusive SOB to that pathetic wife of his.

658 days ago


What the .... ?? Shame on them both! This tape needs to be sent to the police and a copy to child protective services ASAP!

658 days ago


I doubt anything the s***bag and the floozy does will surprise anyone.

658 days ago

Miss Greta    


658 days ago


What the hell is wrong with this jerk off?

658 days ago


I'm not surprised. These are people who think a party at the Playboy mansion where there was most likely drunks, smoke, drugs and Lord knows what, is n appropriate environment for their baby.

658 days ago


This is what happens when you let an old douchebag and a stupid girl procreate.

658 days ago


Airbags have been known to blind adults, and decapitate children and animals. Pretty stupid. I'm sure she doesn't know that....not being very aware in life.

658 days ago


Basic law of Physics...only non-educated people would drive without a harness support to attach them to the car. Inertia anyone? Another reason not to equate "celebrities" with any sort of intelligence. Most are human puppets with the media pulling the strings.

658 days ago


WOW!! I cannot believe they would drive off like that... I have a baby and would NEVER put her at risk like that! She should have gone back into the airport and waited for someone to get a car seat (they are rich right, just go buy one real quick!)

658 days ago


Childs seats aren't required in taxi's or limo service cars sad but true.

658 days ago


Ironic to think that the people passing judgement on this have all ridden in a car without a seatbelt at one point. The older you are the more likely it was that even as an infant you were carried mostly in the arms of your mother in the front seat!

658 days ago
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