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Kelsey & Kayte

Pull a Britney with Baby


11/28/2012 8:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Kelsey Grammer's 4-month-old baby doesn't just party at the Playboy mansion ... she also dangerously rides in vehicles WITHOUT A CAR SEAT ... and it was all caught on tape.

Kelsey and his wife Kayte arrived at LAX yesterday with their adorable (and fragile) baby daughter Faith ... when they were met by a waiting chauffeured SUV.

But as Kayte was about to enter the car with the kid, she realized there was no car seat in the SUV ... but she got in the car with the baby anyway.

Kayte seatbelted herself in the car, and with the baby cradled against her chest, the car took off ... a clear violation of the California car seat law.

We're assuming the baby made it home unfazed ... but according to various safety organizations, it's a STUPID risk to transport your newborn without a proper child safety seat ... considering car seats can significantly reduce the risk of injury in an accident.

Of course, Britney Spears took all sorts of heat when she drove around with her baby in her LAP several years ago. 

Kelsey's rep, Stan Rosenfield, insists there was a car seat inside the vehicle ... though there's no evidence of that in this video.



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You are all ignorant. A call to DCFS will not warrant a child removal for failure to use a car seat. But hopefully TMZ's post will wake them up.

And if they can take their baby to the Playboy mansion, I want to bring my four year old as well! I can't tell you the numerous amounts of parties I've been invited to that I skipped because I didn't have a babysitter. There is ALWAYS another party in Hollywood, and there are multiple per night. I got over fear of missing out a long time ago.

658 days ago


I never would have taken the baby in the car without a proper car seat!! They have so much money they could have borrowed or had the driver go and buy a car seat for them. Then she seat belts herself in leaving the child at risk.They should have been more responsible!!

658 days ago


You know, when you're rich and famous, the laws of the Universe do not apply to you!

658 days ago


They are bald faced liars! There was absolutely no car seat there. That baby would be in an infant carrier which faces backward as front facing force in case of an accident can snap a baby’s neck. A car seat has to be adjusted and fitted in the vehicle and then the baby has to be stripped in. If there was a baby car seat it would have to already be installed because it takes both hands to snap the baby in the harness. You damn near have to get all the way in a vehicle just to strap the baby. There was nothing on that back seat. How much you be they took that baby on a plane with no carrier. If would have been simple to have the valet run in one of the zillon stores in the airport and buy one. Completely neglectful.

658 days ago


This is not a good sign of judgement. Kelsey has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. He totaled a car the network had given him as a gift for Frasier while intoxicated if my memory is correct. He was also married to a few unsavory women back in the day. He cleaned up his act for a while but it looks like old demons are coming back to haunt Kelsey. Go to a meeting Kelsey and get your life back on track!!! No healthy minded stable person takes their newborn to a Playboy party and rides in a car without a car seat. KELSEY, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILD PROPERLY!!!!!!!!!!!

658 days ago


She didn't even put her hand on the top of the
baby's head as she entered the vehicle. Also
Is that a huge bump on the back of the baby's
head. The video closeup shows of the baby from
the back of his head. Someone should bring this
to the attention of the Grammers.

658 days ago


There is no excuse for stupity!

658 days ago


Haha nice typo I just did there. There is no excuse for stupidity!

658 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

What a sweet little projectile.

658 days ago


I love how righteous, judgmental, and uninformed people are. You don't have to have a car seat if you are riding in a car service or taxi.

658 days ago


I love how everyone talk like the car isnt safe, if you bump into another car, like a SUV, you're pretty safe. The other car, not so much.
Thats why many people wanna ban these suv, city jeeps etc, because in collision they make the other car it crash with in huge danger. Now I actually been in a car crash, I even held a bag and me+ the bag didnt fly away. so stop overaexagratting, for the baby to just "fly away" like a projectile, they must be in a true frontal collision in high speed. So enough with all the BS.
its a bigger chance you will drop your baby while walking, then your kid will fly away in a SUV.
Sadly people on TMZ have no brain, and think that if you crash into a SUV the people in the SUV will just fly away, while its in fact you who will.
Now im not an American but here in Europe we do hate people who drive these big cars, like Kelsey does, because it put other people in danger.

658 days ago


This makes me so angry! Poor baby! So not only do they not secure the baby with a car seat she then holds a cup of hot coffee! I so disappointed in both of them.

658 days ago

Joan K    

Morons and so are the idiots hating all of the comments.

658 days ago



658 days ago


CPS needs to investigate! These people should not be raising this poor baby! They need intensive parenting classes!

658 days ago
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