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Kelsey Grammer

We Put Baby in Car Seat

BEFORE We Left the Airport

11/28/2012 3:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Kelsey Grammer claims he and his wife DID secure their baby in a car seat before they left LAX yesterday.

Grammer's rep tells TMZ ... at some point, before the family left the airport grounds, Kelsey loaded up a car seat and strapped baby Faith inside before they hit L.A. city streets.

Since the footage we posted earlier appears to show Kayte and the baby inside the vehicle WITHOUT a car seat, the rep may be insinuating that the car circled around the airport and picked up Kelsey, who eventually retrieved a car seat.   It does appear ... after Kayte and the baby drove off, Kelsey went down to baggage claim and picked up the luggage that was checked.

As we previously reported, it's against CA car seat law to have a 4-month-old child inside of a moving vehicle without a car seat ... so even if the car JUST circled the airport, they still broke the law.

So, we gotta ask ...


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Kelsey has married another Flakey Chick ! Who doesn't pack the car seat !? And, he's in the chips-so he could have ordered a Limo WITH A CARSEAT !!!
Dummy !!!!

701 days ago


He needs to STOP having kids

701 days ago


Even that ole whore KANDRA GOT IT RIGHT@ the playboy man.

701 days ago


The stupid wife didn't even put a seat belt on ! ANd takes a cup of hot coffee in there !~ If there was an accident-the baby flies to the front windshield and gets splashed w/ scalding hot coffee. IDIOTS !!!

701 days ago


She strikes me as meek and slow, and someone who probably goes along with whatever he says. He has proven himself to be an a**hole narcissist who really can't be bothered by his kids - so the fact that he would bring an infant to a playboy party and drive around without a carseat, doesn't surprise me in the least.

701 days ago


CPS needs to step in before something bad happens!

701 days ago


with all your millions Kelsey Grammer, spend a dime on a car seat FGS! What were they thinking? You NEVER EVER put a baby in a car like that and drive off..not even for a second...all it takes in a second to end that beautiful child;s life....IDIOTS!!!! someone needs to call child services on them!

701 days ago


I am surprised that Child Welfare hasn't paid them a visit. Isn't that what happened after Britney Spears was photographed driving with her baby on her lap? Playboy mansion party, JUST WHO DOES THAT? WHO brings an infant to a blowout party at the Playboy Mansion???? They then follow this up with baby in moms lap, not in legally required car seat, and even better, mom holding steaming cup of coffee over the infant she's holding. These parents absolutely need mandatory parenting classes.

701 days ago


It only applies to cars and trucks. Buses are not included. Last year we stopped at Disneyland on our way through from Australia to the east coast. We had an 8 month old. We could ride the airport shuttles and disneyland bus without a car seat but ended up having to hire the ONLY transportation service in CA that has car seats to get back to LAX for an early flight. It's surprising how many car services there do not have car seats.

I called up the super shuttle folks and this is what they told me...

"Oh, she doesn't need a car seat, how old is she?" 8 months.
"Oh, nevermind, Sorry, we can't help you."

Yeah, so that's the mentality there apparently. We made sure she had a car seat.

701 days ago


Why isn't there a "does little Faith have more brains than both of her parents combined" question?

701 days ago


Wow I'm sure all of your parents followed the letters of the law... grow up I'm sure the kid will be fine.

701 days ago


What a f*cking liar. You can clearly see that the baby was on Kayte's lap as she was drinking whatever. Where is CPS on this?

701 days ago

joe gillis    

it's an improvement on leaving it amongst the dog **** on the floor over at the playboy mansion i suppose

701 days ago

joe gillis    

then they went over the playboy mansion and left the kid amongst all the dog**** on the floor over there

701 days ago


car seats, just another goverment rule too rule people , whats next, and i do not see why people are fantasied about babies. and JEFFREY DAHMER WAS A BABY, WHO PEOPLE PROBALY SAID , OOOOOO WHAT A CUTE BABY, and so what next from this goverment, they will start telling people how many stupid little babies they will be able to have

701 days ago
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