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Lindsay Lohan

I'm No 'Gypsy' Puncher

12/2/2012 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1130_lindsay_tiffany_splashLindsay Lohan is adamant ... she did NOT punch that fortune teller at a NYC nightclub this week -- but she did call her the g-word ... because the fortune teller's buddies tried to steal Lindsay's purse.

Lindsay's telling friends ... Tiffany Mitchell approached her inside the club Avenue early Thursday morning to do a reading, but Lindsay turned her down -- then noticed Tiffany's friends crowding around her purse at a nearby table.

When Lindsay returned to her table, the people in Lindsay's group informed her that Tiffany's friends had swiped the purse -- a super expensive black leather Celine -- so Lindsay angrily confronted the fortune teller.

Lindsay has admitted calling Tiffany a "gypsy" but says she did not know the word is considered a slur.

As for hitting Tiffany -- Lindsay's totally denying that ... and feels she's the victim of yet another setup.


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Dina made up this story for Lindsay yesterday on her way home from Rockettes practice.

657 days ago


Tiffany Mitchell, is a very sexy women compared to Octochin lohan and her lizard scarred up skin and bruised up body..
I am only 3 1/2 to 4 hrs from west palm..I must venture down there one day

657 days ago


Can we get rid of this story foget about the GYPSY (NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT) Send Lyndsay somewhere into the mountains to a tropical island for a few years..... com-on-man enough of this bs

657 days ago


Now now, she is a Donkey Puncher as well...let's not get it twisted, even Donkey Punchers have standards *snicker*

657 days ago


My sister in law is Romanian, and I can tell you that calling someone a "gypsy" is a MASSIVE insult. It's pretty much equavalent to a white person using the N word. Comming from Lindsay "the black kid did it" Lohan I can believe she said it, however I call BS on the girl trying to steal the purse. Stealing purses is a classic Lohan move.

657 days ago

Dino the Dinosaur    

Hey those gypsies do that though!!!!!!!!!!

657 days ago

Jay Singer    

Lindsay is cleary a target. She goes somewhere, exercising her freedoms as an American, and people take advantage of shaking her down. Most of you hate her and your comments reflect that. But you should remember what you love about our country and our Constitution.

657 days ago


I wish we knew the real story. You know it lies somewhere between all the mish mash both sides are telling.

657 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

What?! I didn't know "hooker" was a slur. I preface all my terms of endearment with ****ing.

657 days ago


Ya right! It's karma either way. I bet that guy she accused of assaulting her in the hotel room in NY is laughing his azs off right now!

Sorry LL - looks like you messed with the wrong person this time!

657 days ago


We all make mistakes. "He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first" and remember that "There are two sides to every story".

657 days ago


You do...You are...and You are done.

657 days ago


A Hollywood industry insider said that if Lindsay were serious about getting her career going again, she would never go out like this at night. She would be holed up at home reading scripts and studying. Lindsay talks like she's got it made in the acting craft, and just needs to keep promoting her own fame somehow or other. That's a really bad attitude for anyone in almost any line of work.

657 days ago


Why are people so hateful on here? You don't know these celebrities. Is it jealousy? Does seeing someone famous screw up make you happy? Sad.

657 days ago


Witnesses saw LL knock her to the floor with that blind punch, wait til the security cam vids are released... massive lawsuit headed your way, Lowhan. And don't forget Gloria never loses hehehe

657 days ago
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