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Katt Williams

Slaps Target Employee


12/2/2012 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


What did the 5 fingers say to the face? Ask the guy who got PIMP SLAPPED by Katt Williams.

wasn't done after leading cops on a crazy three-wheeled chase through Sacramento on Sunday -- because moments later, he hit up a Target ... where he belted an employee IN THE FACE ... and TMZ has footage of the face-to-hand contact.

There's no audio, so we can't tell what the argument is about -- but by the looks of the employee's body language before the wallop (placing his hand on his chest) the guy wasn't looking for a fight.

Then out of nowhere Katt winds up and slaps him in the face -- at which point the employee pulls out his phone and, according to an eye witness, he calls police.

Video of the aftermath surfaced on the Internet this week, showing Katt making his getaway in an electric cart ... before police arrive. We hate to say it, but it's hilarious.

According to sources at the store, Katt then ditched the electric cart and got back on his three-wheeled motorcycle. He was not arrested.

We spoke to a rep for the Yolo County DA's office, who tells TMZ, the case is currently under review ... and charges have not yet been filed against the comedian.

So far, no word from Target or Katt's people.


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Well if LiLo can get away with it, why not someone with actual talent? :)

688 days ago


i bet katt plays the race card - "he was following me around the store cuz i'm black" or something like that

688 days ago


oooooooooooo Kat is gonna have to pay for this,the guy was right not to hit Kat back ....drug test that failed rapper Kat ..and kid,get a lawyer,get some of that comedy money,unless Kat has already spent it on drugs ....oh yea and everybody boycott Kat,he is a loser...better learn some prison rhymes Kat

688 days ago


bye Kat,you aren't getting away with this one
the kid did the right thing by not hitting back ..Kat thinks he he a rapper now and is very violent ,its not even comedy anymore
drug test that fool

688 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

Why did Katt bitch slap the white boy?

Looks like he's getting to ahead. He'll do a few days get some inside track to jail jokes and hit the stage afterwards and get paid.

I just don't want to see anything turn into something crazy and dangerous.

everyone doesn't handle public shaming well.

I suspect that someone alerted the guy that Katt was coming and encouraged him to be indifferent and harass customers. Its actually a national trend now for business owners, managers an employees to harass customers to create poise contacts.

Hope it turns out okay for everyone.

It was hilarious to see the guy ride off in a cart though.

688 days ago


I don't think that comic (is that what he is?) hit the WHITE MAN for no good reason, I think he was hoping for the Target employee to fight back so that he could file a law suit against the corp. Makes sense.

688 days ago


Probably deserved it...... love ya kat. so talented.

688 days ago


They had better
charge this
jerk with assult
and battery. I
can't believe that
poor guy didn't defend
himself, probably afraid
he'd lose his job.

688 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Katt, If this was someone else you would be laughing your ass off (like some of us are now) and telling jokes like... This guy smacked a clerk and made his daring escape by rolling out in a fatty cart! Dude, no fatty carts! But if you do smack a clerk, no fatty carts!! (btw, Katt, CUT THIS PUNKAS SHEET OUT!!)

688 days ago

david 183    

What a jerk.

688 days ago

Travis Fields    

Kat has got some serious issues going on. He needs to step back and take a look at himself before his career is completely over.

688 days ago

Blue Lake    

He's too stupid to work a condom and he's got about a dozen kids. Every time he pulls these stunts it's an insult to his kids. They'd be so much better without him.

688 days ago


I didn't see Katt Williams face at all

688 days ago

Shane D.    

That was not cool.

688 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Tip... For anyone who think they are tough enough to sucker slap someone, do not do a Katt Williams style smack. That'll just cheese them off. (Yup, cheese them off. That what I said. ) HA!

688 days ago
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