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Angus Outburst Is NOTHING

Compared to Sheen's

12/4/2012 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Damage control on Angus T. Jones' vitriolic outburst against "Two and a Half Men" was a walk in the park ... at least in comparison to Charlie Sheen's epic meltdown last year -- so says CBS honcho Les Moonves.

Moonves sat down with the Wallstreet Journal to discuss Angus' infamous YouTube video -- in which the 19-year-old calls "Two and a Half Men" filth and urges people not to watch it. Angus has since semi-apologized.

But no matter how big of a mess Angus made, nothing will ever compare to Sheen's legendary crusade against "Men" and its creator Chuck Lorre last year -- Moonves says, "I don’t think [the Angus situation has] been quite resolved, but after going through what we went through with Charlie Sheen, it’s been a piece of cake."

Still, Moonves says the network hasn't decided whether to fire Angus -- whom he referred to as “that kid on 'Two And A Half Men' who’s getting paid $300,000 per episode to talk bad about me.”

Charlie was fired from the show last March ... but bounced back after signing ANOTHER huge contract to star in "Anger Management."


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Who the Hell is Khloe    

This Jake kid needs to shut up. I hate how now to become famous you have to be a train wreck

696 days ago


It's always about money with you all isn't you sick fbombs! Seriously? Money!!! I wanna go pueck! Never about setting a standard of morality without the green in your eyes... You all here are sick!

696 days ago

Wicked Witch    

Nope not at all. Except this cult this ungrateful punk is in is screwing up his already deformed brain. This advisor of his THINKS New York citizens will be eating their own young in a year or two. Don't drink the grape juice kid. Hope his family saves his ass before their mass suicide. Charlie...well Charlie has always been Charlie. Two and a half men burnt to the ground once he wasn't on the show anymore. Anywho, say no to drugs....and religious cults!!

696 days ago


Charlie should give him a spot on Anger Management . I would watch it.

696 days ago

joe bob    

LES MOOONVES is a s***bag who signs people to contracts, then after their contracts are up, he sues them unfairly because he is mad at them for quitting their radio show and going to a better radio format where they can say and do as they please. F U LES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

696 days ago

two cents    

Team Charlie ALL the way. AK sucks on taahm, just an overgrown kelsoe. As for primerib, he's brainwashed and in a few years, he'll realize how he embarrassed himself by getting manipulated by a snake oil salesman.

696 days ago


2 1/2 Men DIED when Charlie escaped. 2 1/2 Men is poison now. Chuck Lorre is the most hated producer working in TV. Just ask the crews who work with him. Les Mooves should focus on keeping his wife Julie Chen employed, against all odds.

696 days ago

w h i t e y    


696 days ago

BB not bb    

The moral of the story is, stick to your guns. If you see evil in this world, speak out about it. Don't run for cover when the ****roaches fly back in your face. Charlie Sheen is now more popular and respected than ever and has a huge contract elsewhere. Winning?

696 days ago

Hannah Bakk    

I love Charlie :)

696 days ago


Charlie got dat tiger blood! angus got dat squirrel blood!

696 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Angus, honey, methinks CBS is talking with their lawyers right now as to how to fire your stupid azz with the least legal repercussions as possible for them.
I think you're getting your wish!
tee hee
You're barely on the show, you're lucky to work so little for that $350K per episode, and I think it's gone now.
(BTW-- you're an actor playing a character. If you want "better" work, go find it!)
We shall see..

696 days ago



696 days ago

El Gato    

Oh LES, you silly billionaire... Wouldn't it be great if Angus got a spot on anger management?

696 days ago

El Gato    

P.S. Moonves IS FILTHY! Filthy RICH!

696 days ago
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