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Great Scott!!!

'Back to the Future' Car

Spotted Driving Around L.A.

12/9/2012 7:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1209-delorean-gsiIt might look like Doc Brown was driving his time machine around, but it's really just the most famous replica of the famous DeLorean from "Back to the Future."

Paul Nigh -- who spent $150,000 customizing the car to look just like the one from the movie -- dressed in full Doc Brown garb and took the DeLorean for a spin in Woodland Hills yesterday.

1209-delorean-gsi-subLet's hope he stayed below 88 mph.


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Paul "Doc" Nigh (misspelled in the article as Doc Bloch) maybe labeled as an attention seeker, otherwise why would he be driving a BTTF Delorean Time Machine around?
For those of you that think negatively about it (or him), "Doc" has a bigger motivation and meaning behind it, than most of you will ever be able to accomplish.
You will hear him say "It's all for the kids!". "Doc" is participating in car shows throughout the year with the main goal in mind to bring awareness to America's Missing Children. This is also the main purpose behind the Fireball Run Adventurally ( Go check it out.

653 days ago


I find it pretty ironic that on the door it says 'Parkinson' and Michael J Fox is suffering from Parkinsons disease

653 days ago


What the hell is a jigga watt!!!!!

653 days ago

Bitch please    

Oh look another rich douche with alot of time and money in LA. You dont see that around here...riiiiight

653 days ago


Pretty awesome but if you're going to spend all the money to recreate the BTTF Delorean, why put all the dumb s*** on the doors? I don't remember a giant bar code or anybody's name written on the door in those films.

653 days ago


I saw this car over the summer in Belmont, NY as part of the Cannonball run. It is a contest across country and they raise awareness about missing children

653 days ago


My choice would have been mystery machine still pretty cool though

653 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

If I'da known it was legal to drive around with a Flux Capacitor, I'd have gotten one ages ago!

653 days ago


Oh dont be such a grumpy gus people.... the world is ending soon! He needs to drive that bitch to get his money worth or at least high on bath salts and feel like he is going into 2433 uh duh people!

653 days ago



652 days ago


Yes! Doc Nigh is seriously one of the nicest people around. I booked him for my wedding as a surprise to my husband (to pick him up and drive him to the ceremony). Doc went above and beyond with the service, and even offered us tickets to a Comic Covention the following weekend as a wedding gift.

On top of that, Doc Nigh uses his DeLorean as a promotional means to help organizations locate missing children nationwide.

So all of you jerks out there lambasting this wonderful, genuinely nice person who does something fun AND profitable with his time, maybe you should rethink your own hobby of commenting on TMZ all day long and do something a little more productive with YOUR time.

Oh, and for those jerks on here teasing that he "spent all of his money on this"? He makes pretty decent money with this car at events and he does it doing something he loves, plus finds the time to give back to the community with it.

652 days ago


A guy who lives in my apt complex has the same car and his friend has the car from BTF part 3. It's parked outside my window. I'm in Louisiana.

652 days ago


I met Paul at the Alien jerky place in Baker coming back from Vegas a few months back. Kind of a crazy guy, but what he does is awesome. He uses this car actually drives nationwide searching for missing children and showed me a few kids he personally located with his team of people. I believe he has a law enforcement or investigator background and is retired now, and goes on yearly trips to find missing kids. Most of the trolls on here talking crap would never do anything of the sort, too busy commenting on this site.

652 days ago


Paul is my dad and he is the best dad anyone could have!!! He may be a little silly at times with his whole " doc brown" outfit , but I am proud to say that he is the coolest person I know and he has worked so hard to get to where is his at right now ! Thank you to the people that have great things to say about him it means a lot to him to know that he has touched people's lives, as far as the people who have nothing good to say, it just shows how ate up you guys really are because of how quick you are to judge someone! Not only that but I don't see TMZ taking pictures of you! Oh maybe because your just another average person and the only thing you do is spend your time talking crap about the people who actually live their dream! Don't blame other people for you waisting your life away being a drama queen. My dad was a sheriff for 14 years and a Sargent for a prison for 24 an is retired from both at the age of 57 and that is awesome that he retired so young!!! I bet the people who like to say messed up things are still flipping burgers at burger king. Anyone who has met my dad has been blessed in some way! I have never met someone that my dad has encountered that had anything bad to say about him! I love my dad very much! He is perfect just the way he is!

652 days ago


CREEPY fact:
have h'all noticed that it says "Clara....PARKINSON" on the car's door, 2nd picture?

I mean, Michael J. Fox played in the movie and that's the disease that set an end to his career!

652 days ago
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