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Aussie DJ

Bragged About Royal Prank

BEFORE Nurse Suicide

12/9/2012 2:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1209-royal-mel-greig-tmzThe Australian DJ who pretended to be Queen Elizabeth II in a prank phone call ... BRAGGED about her accomplishment on Facebook ... right before the nurse who answered the call committed suicide.

TMZ obtained a screenshot of Mel Greig's Fbook page taken Friday evening in Australia ... a.k.a. BEFORE news broke that Jacintha Saldanha -- the nurse duped by Greig and her co-host -- had been found dead in London.

The post reads ... "Why is it that I can impersonate the queen to get private royal information but no one believes I'm the queen for a free champagne whilst out?"

Greig attached a pic to the post -- of herself and another chick, smiling and hanging out at a bar.

We reached out to Mel's rep for comment ... who said (again), "No one could have ever predicted the tragic sequence of events that followed the prank call."

As TMZ previously reported ... Greig and her co-host Michael Christian shut down their Facebook and Twitter pages immediately after the nurse's death -- and suspended their gig at the station.


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Rodney Peterson    

Krass Klassless Klueless Klahmidiya Karrying **** Kim Kardashian is now a Kitten Killer.

680 days ago


stop blaming them, the nurse had to have more issues to take her own life then just over a prank like this! no one could of known she was going to do that.

680 days ago



680 days ago

Rodney Peterson    

Krass Klassless Klueless Klahmidiya Karrying K u n t Kim Kardashian is now a Kitten Killer.

680 days ago


This call should of never taken place..These DJ's had no right to try and get personal information about Kate. When they heard that the nurse was gonna talk they should of ended the call ...
This was NOT a prank..This was away of trying to get PRIVATE information on Kate..Even impersonmating the Queen..
This nurse should of never had to deal with this,. and these DJ'S should be FIRED for crossing the line.

680 days ago


Bad turn of events, but the DJs didn't do anything egregious, especially judged by the way people routinely act in this day and age. Why the heck would someone with 2 children kill themselves over that? That is the real question.

680 days ago


The nurse had children. She allowed her pride to overshadow their well being. What is most sad is that she couldn't forsee this stupid stunt blowing over in time.

680 days ago


No way is this the DJs fault and its sad if people think it is, Im sure this woman had bigger issues than a prank call that even Charles thought was funny.

680 days ago


People won't stop untill the DJ's kill themselves too... It's not the call that killed her it was the response! They made a mistake and regret this as much as possible I'm pretty sure but it's not enough?
Go on... lets see how much they can take!
This is a sick pathetic world! This is no gossip anymore, this is just sick and you learned absolutley nothing!

680 days ago


The nurse must have had other issues that made her kill herself. We always look for someone to blame. Was the prank funny? No it was not. But it wasn’t so embarrassing that it would make someone kill themselves over it. Also she is only the one who transferred the call, it’s the second nurse that gave up all of the personal information.

680 days ago


Most of the comments here were made without having full legal knowledge of the laws regarding medical records or any information on the medical records. For all you who said "this could happen to anybody, give it a rest, they played a prank:" There are very strict laws in place which prohibit the release of ANY information of a patient in any way, shape, or form. This protects EVERYBODY. ANYBODY who works in a hospital is extremely aware of the HIPPA laws. For all the commenters who think this was a funny, ha-ha prank: You know sheep from shinola of the LEGAL aspect of PATIENT CONFIDENTIALITY. Feel free to google HIPPA laws recently enacted.

680 days ago


I wonder what will happen if the DJs commit suicide because of all the back lash? Will they call for the end of Facebook and Twitter?

680 days ago


TMZ just drop it. You'll be the cause of another suicide. The press need to realise what they say as a profound effect on people. She wasn't to know the woman would commit suicide?! Yes the prank probably was tasteless but if the press didn't make a big deal out of it in the first place the nurse wouldn't have felt so guilty about it. SHAME ON YOU.

680 days ago


This story is really getting blown out of proportion. It was a lame prank.. that post looks more like the DJ is joking about it not bragging about it really. And who in the hell would have suspected that someone would go commit suicide for putting a call through to a hospital room. Obviously that nurse had other issues going on if something like that could cause her to take her own life. Good grief.

680 days ago


Do people not realize that the nurse who actually killed herself was barely involved in the prank call at all? She was literally on the phone with the DJ for a grand total of less than 5 seconds.

680 days ago
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