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Aussie DJ

Bragged About Royal Prank

BEFORE Nurse Suicide

12/9/2012 2:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1209-royal-mel-greig-tmzThe Australian DJ who pretended to be Queen Elizabeth II in a prank phone call ... BRAGGED about her accomplishment on Facebook ... right before the nurse who answered the call committed suicide.

TMZ obtained a screenshot of Mel Greig's Fbook page taken Friday evening in Australia ... a.k.a. BEFORE news broke that Jacintha Saldanha -- the nurse duped by Greig and her co-host -- had been found dead in London.

The post reads ... "Why is it that I can impersonate the queen to get private royal information but no one believes I'm the queen for a free champagne whilst out?"

Greig attached a pic to the post -- of herself and another chick, smiling and hanging out at a bar.

We reached out to Mel's rep for comment ... who said (again), "No one could have ever predicted the tragic sequence of events that followed the prank call."

As TMZ previously reported ... Greig and her co-host Michael Christian shut down their Facebook and Twitter pages immediately after the nurse's death -- and suspended their gig at the station.


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No police investigation has ruled this a "suicide". They found a dead nurse outside the hospital. That nurse was one of the ones who talked on the phone. The coroner hasn't even publicized the "cause" of death. we are with accusations of suicide because she passed a phone call off...and arguing its merits. They don't even know why she's alone how.

647 days ago


I think TMZ should show more social responsibility and list depression and suicide help line numbers at the end of every story involving suicide.

647 days ago


Stop trying to inflame the situation. No reason why these DJ's should be the target of all this fake fury. Going after them makes the press guilty of the same kind of harassment you accuse them of. So if one of them kills themselves, who do we blame then, you??

647 days ago


This is a very sad situation and I pray for the nurses family and friends as well as the DJ's.

That said, Radio DJ's having been pulling like wise pranks for decades. This was an innocent prank call, the DJ's intent was to have a little fun we all should remember that.

647 days ago


Not their fault!!! Stop already, let her JACINTHA RIP

647 days ago


Douchebags love to brag about being douchebags. Nothing new there.

647 days ago

Yeti Lee    

Seriously the media needs to stop trying to make these DJ's out to be monsters. The pulled a harmless prank that all of you laughed at when you heard it. the nurse was clearly a troubled woman with deep issues that she didn't deal with. If you want to make someone out to be the bad guy point your fingers at the woman who killed herself and abandoned her 2 children.

647 days ago


These so-called DJs just need go go way.. They aren't even funny.. It's another take on the clueless and the so 80's 'morning zoo' DJs who aren't funny or creative.
They copy each other, have nothing original and aren't funny.
Satelite radio to the rescue! Howard Stern!

647 days ago


Not their fault, probably. Would she be alive if this hadn't happened, probably. Would something else have set he off to commit suicide, maybe. I wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life trying to convince myself it wasn't my fauld.

647 days ago


So lets sau she had questioned the queen and it was actually the queen. She still woulda felt like ****. it was a no win situation. but not enough reason to wake up dead he next day

647 days ago


Ah, she bragged because it was funny before the suicide. Prince Charles himself bragged about/aggrandized the joke before the suicide.

647 days ago


not for one minute do I believe she committed suicide over this stupid prank. Mentally halthy people do not kill themselves over any single incident. BUT what these idiots did was stupid, tasteless, childish and mean. just like school yard bullies. And the so-called "adults" who think these pranks are funny and harmless are no different than the school yard brats who cheer the bullies on

647 days ago


This is such a load. Understandably they bragged, It was an immensely successful prank call, something that many radio hosts around the world make on a daily basis. R.I.P to the deceased nurse but clearly this was an extremely rare and an unforeseeably devastating reaction to a joke. What should have proceeded this incident is a private briefing on hospital policy, not the reaming out of two DJs.

647 days ago


it was a dumb prank - whatever. the djs didn't do anything horrible and they certainly didn't kill anybody. quit picking on them - if the djs kill themselves over the guilt will tmz be responsible?

647 days ago


As usual, the media (those very ones who do the same job everyday all day making fun of people)and the same **** everyday) are pushing it into the ground. LET UP ALREADY. Kind of ironic don't you think? This happened, things happen. Let's move on.

647 days ago
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