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Kate Middleton Prank

Australian Station CANCELS Radio Show

12/10/2012 5:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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The company that owns the radio station responsible for the Kate Middleton radio prank says it has "terminated" the show ... and will implement "a company-wide suspension of 'prank' calls."

Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) issued the statement this morning saying it still feels "deep regret" for the death of hospital nurse Jacintha Saldanha following the prank ... and "take the events of the last few days very seriously."

SCA says it has taken the following action:

- The suspension of all advertising on 2DayFM until further notice;
- The termination of 2DayFM’s Hot 30 show;
- A Company-wide suspension of “prank” calls
- A comprehensive review of relevant company policies and processes

SCA says it has tried to reach out to the hospital, but had "no success."

SCA doesn't believe it broke the law by making the calls ... but says it will cooperate with any police investigation.

SCA Chief Executive Officer Rhys Holleran added, "First and foremost we would like to express our deep and sincere condolences to the family of Jacintha Saldanha for their loss. We are very sorry for what has happened.”

He says SCA is also "providing support to our people who are deeply saddened by this tragic and unforseen event.”

As we previously reported ... before they were suspended, the DJs were actually BRAGGING about the call -- in which they impersonated members of the royal family to get information about Kate's medical condition.


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I wish I could have no morals and claim im just doing my job. Unfortunately I'm a human being and try my best not to hurt others with cruel jokes. Unfortunately what seemed like a harmless prank hurt others around in an indirect way. But no they were fine with it when it may just be a couple of people losing their jobs. They're idiots

680 days ago


There had to be wrong with the woman before she killed herself
if every person who recieved a prank call killed themself then then there would be alot of people killing themselves in this world

680 days ago


I call BS on the station claiming that they "tried" to call the hospital about the prank. What did they do call in the middle of the night and not get anyone to answer the phone and just go "oh WELL...". Can they produce phone records from the days/times that they tried to call (prior to the hoax being aired??).

680 days ago


The Royal family has a Royal stick up their ass. They all need to lighten up and get a job!! You ever notice how stiff they all are. What ROYAL uselessness they are

680 days ago

Desert Diva33    

Pat of the problem is that ppl nowadays don't realize that ever action has a reaction. Like the "swatting" i keep reading about. What if the cops are dispatched to one of those bogus calls and tgere just

680 days ago

Desert Diva33    

Happens to be a gardener or even worse, a kid in the yard playing and the cops shoot, shouldn't tge prank caller be held liable since they were the ones who placed the call? Just sayin

680 days ago


I do feel sorry for the nurse and my prays are with the family. However i feel that the 2 djs are not at fault prank calls are a thing radio stations do god even tv shows do it. I feel that the hospitel is at fault 1 the switchboard should of put the call to someone higher or not at all 2 all doctors nurses and reception all sign when there start work at a hospitel a confirdentialy form and are trained were in the case it was breached the hospitel is at blame there have blood on there hand

680 days ago


Hippa prevents us nurses from even admitting you are there much less your condition ...

680 days ago


The only reason they got rid of the show is because they were losing advertising money when companies started pulling out. I doubt it was because of the death of the nurse. It's all about the $$$$.

680 days ago


Everyone is forgetting this was vetted by lawyers.Now they are not paid massive salaries for not knowing what the repercussions of this could be.Why are they not being named and shamed?After all they approved its broadcast.The D-J's are small fry,the lawyers should be the ones apologising,not hiding behind these two.

680 days ago


PLEASE TMZ!!!!! Does TMZ offer for sale any T-Shirts,Decals,Hats.Etc....Where can I at least get a TMZ Decal Please! Thanks,Eggy

680 days ago



680 days ago


I feel sorry for these DJs. People are trying to put someone's suicide on their conscience and it doesn't deserve to be there. What about all the people who've been awfully pranked and didn't kill themselves. Clearly the issue was the nurse, not the prank. I feel awful for whatever the nurse and her family have and will endure, but it's absurd to ruin these DJs lives because of it.

680 days ago


This is PC gone mad. These two are being punished for another person's mental instability? That is ridiculous.

680 days ago


It's sad that the nurse killed herself. But seriously? She gave away sensitive medical info without a second thought. These djs did nothing wrong. Got to love that everyone is against them when they're the innocent ones. A prank call should not be the grounds for dismissal. If anything, the station should have their backs over this. smh

680 days ago
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