Stacey Koon Cop In Rodney King Beating Now Drives a Limo

12/10/2012 10:17 AM PST

Stacey Koon -- LAPD Cop in Rodney King Beating Now Drives a Limo


Stacey Koon -- the former LAPD sergeant who did prison time for zapping Rodney King with a taser -- has changed careers -- he's now driving a limo.

An independent photog got Koon driving a limo for Music Express, the high-end private transport company. Koon, who was leaving LAX, scoffed at the photog, who asked if he had a reaction to Rodney King's death.

Koon was acquitted in the Simi Valley beating trial back in 1992 -- and the acquittal triggered the L.A. riots. He was later convicted in federal court of civil rights violations and served 30 months in prison.

The beating occurred nearly 22 years ago. So we gotta ask.