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Australian Radio Station

Donating $500K in Guilt

Money to Nurse's Family

12/11/2012 6:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1211_2day_memorial_fund_Artice_2The Australian radio station responsible for the prank phone call that led to British nurse Jacintha Saldanha's suicide ... is planning to give her family about half a million bucks.

The corporation that owns 2DayFM announced it will donate all the station's advertising profits for the rest of the year to a fund set up to support Saldanha's 2 teenage children and husband.

The company estimates the total donation will be around 320,000 British pounds ... or roughly $500,000.

2DayFM's generous donation comes the day after it pulled the plug on the show that placed the prank call to Kate Middleton's hospital room ... with one of its DJs pretending to be Queen Elizabeth.

Saldanha transferred the call to Kate's room, and was found dead near the hospital a few days later.


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She was more concerned on how she looked than her children. I cannot believe how selfish this mother is. She must have had mental health issues to do this to her children.

682 days ago


The djs did nothing wrong..she chose to take her life meaning she haad deeper problems than just a silly prank

682 days ago


This story has been blown way out of proportion......from beginning to tragic ending.
The nurse could not have been very stable to begin with if she took her life over a prank phone call. Sounds like she should have been a patient instead. Something is just not right with this entire thecops say "It's hinky".

682 days ago


i am sorry for their loss but sorry i think the woman had other problems if she killed herself over this and for this to turn into this big thing is over the top

682 days ago


We all know past, present and future posters that if this was on American soil, Lawyers would be tripping and falling all over each other suing the sh-t out of everyone: the DJ's, station manager, parent company etc.

682 days ago

Moment of Clarity    

Howard Stern's radio show caused the suicide of Dana Plato and he's still on the air. No guilt, no donations - nothin'! That's how this story should have ended.

682 days ago


they are only paying so the family won't sue them and get even more money! These 2 DJ's reckless, and in my opinion illegal, actions are responsible for the death of another human being. Although they did not intend for this to happen with their "prank", the fact remains that another human being committed suicide over this prank. I know here in America everyone would laugh it off, but when you are raised in an enviroment where "family honor" or just plain "honor" is valued more than death, some people see suicide as the only option to atone for their perceived dishonor. Also here in America there is something called "manslaughter" and here what the DJ's caused would be enough to have them charged with a crime. Here you can be charged in the death if your actions directly or indirectly caused the death. CHEW ON THAT AUSTRAILIAN DJ'S!

682 days ago


Prank calls are done all the time on radio stations, I myself have some as a kid. Something was wrong with this nurse to have committed suicide. I don't think the DJs should be blamed!

682 days ago


It's just common sense not to prank someone because you don't know what's going on in their life or if they're mentally stable enough to cope with it. But hey, anything for $$ and ratings I guess.

682 days ago


I do feel bad for the nurse's family but if a prank call leads her to suicide then there was more going on here than just that call. I don't think they should have been fired. These calls happen all the time and people don't kill themselves. I even heard worse prank calls and nothing has happened

682 days ago


I hate how people think its ok to prank a hospital.... would u prank the department or government? ! Nooooooo...idiots r getting what they deserve. Feel so bad for the family.

682 days ago


This woman obviously had mental issues before this prank was pulled, no one kills themselves over a phone call like this unless they had problems to begin with.

And who says it was suicide. Maybe the royal family had her offed because she let the call through. I'm sure they have people who could make it look like suicide.

682 days ago


I just find it funny that the hospital claims after her drath that the nurse had NOT been reprimanded and her job was not in jeopardy...I refuse to believe a HIPAA violation on the part of the Royal Family wouldnt start a hospital internal investigation and at least write ups. Come on. Im sure the hospital threatened to take away her nsg license and ruin her career, cuz why else would the nurse do this??? Doesnt make sense?!

682 days ago

Spencer B in MD    

Obviously this poor woman had other serious mental issues - It was a Prank Phone Call, for G0d's Sake! Ridiculous to commit suicide over transferring a phone call that ended up being a prank. She had a husband and 2 teenage children. I don't understand why she would took the actions that she did but she obviously was very troubled. I don't know why the DJ's have been crucified like they have been. It's tragic but really not the Radio Station/DJ's fault. Nice of them to donate the money but it goes above and beyond IMO.

682 days ago


For people who don't have a background in psychiatry, as I see from too many comments that most don't, the radio station and the DJs both bear some culpability in the nurse's death, if she did in fact, commit suicide.

It only takes a little nudge to push an emotionally fragile person over the edge.

Pranks are just a form of bullying, a POWER PLAY, not a joke. Pranksters lack EMPATHY, human compassion and feeling because they don't care what pain they cause others. Why is it so hard to differentiate between humor and cruelty?

682 days ago
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