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Barbara Walters

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12/14/2012 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If we take Barbara Walters literally, the interview she just did with President Barack Obama is her last with the Prez, because she'll be retiring soon.

TMZ broke the story in December, 2011 .... Barbara was interviewing Obama at the White House, and during a break, right smack into an open mic, Barbara leaned over to him and said, "I need one more interview with you because I'm retiring next year."

Barbara snagged an exclusive interview with Obama and Michelle, which airs tonight (see photo).  By our count, this is the "one more interview" to which she referred when she spoke into the open mic.

So ... is the 83-year-old broadcast icon hanging up the mic? An ABC news insider dismisses the whole retirement thing, noting Barbara has done 3 live shows on GMA this week, 5 shows on "The View" and interviewed the Prez, adding, "There have been reports for the last 5 years about Barbara retiring.  Believe it when you hear it directly from her."

We thought we just did.


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I hate that old, wrinkly, dried up c nt! 90 percent of the time I disagree with that stuck up b tch. Her ego is as big as Donald Trump. She even talks over the other co-hosts the most. She kept cutting off Governor Ventura on the view and raising her voice to him. Let's just say this...."The Body" Ventura raised HIS voice to her and she shut up!

678 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

Thank the Lord. Her engine's been sputtering for a couple decades already. Ego can keep you going for only so long. Bring back Dan Rather.

678 days ago

Patty in MN    

One can only hope! Barbara is painfully close to going out past the point where she can do so gracefully. She has become a royal pain in the arse to watch on The View; she talks over the other ladies and commandeers the conversation with her uber liberal diatribes. She also talks with her hands too much; she does it without ever bending her fingers-they look like manequin's hands, just moving up and down in front of her. Yep, I'm sick of her!

678 days ago


Maybe this is her last interview with this fraud because she's tired of getting bull**** answers from him? Hmmmm?

678 days ago

Paul Z    

Now if we could only get Obama to retire. This vile socialist has done enough damage to the American economy.

678 days ago


lately shes been very RUDE and SNIPPY to the rest of the cast of The View.. and seemed 'out of it' at times

678 days ago


I used to respect her all thru the years until show showed her left wing side with those other hardcore leftists on the View.

678 days ago


I'm so ready for her to leave television.....I was sooo angry when she was so rude to the Gov. of New talk to him the way she did about his weight...I would have paid every cent I have to have him tell her that he would loose weight when she no longer talked with a lisp......both are ignorant to do.....Please retire....

678 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

i predict she'll die, aged 100, asking a question of President Lindsay Lohan. The question will be, 'Don't these porche's go faster?'

678 days ago


no loss maybe all the fools in news media can retire..that would be nice

678 days ago


It's about time!!

678 days ago


It's time for the show to go off the air. I kike Barbara, yet the other two who think they are teenagers has cancel out the whole show with their childless behavior.

It time for the View to throw in the towel

678 days ago


please do she is a BITCH SICK AND TIRED OF HER

678 days ago


I'd have sex with her, I just want to here her talk funny naked & interview her in the buff

678 days ago


After years of ugly and nasty comments from ignorant people....
People poking fun at her, making their not too subtle jokes at her expense....
I don't know why...women in America should applaude her as a "ground-breaker" for women's freedom and rights...
She is fearless in her interviews and has never hesitated to ask the questions that most fear to.
On top of all that, if you have ever had the chance to meet her and to speak with her she is a really very nice person. A rare person who does great good without the need of others knowing. We can all tick-off the list of people who make a big show of their good-deeds. They are the ones who call their manager and their publicist first so that they can notify the media that so and so is about to make some donation to some cause. Roll the cameras, all the world must see how great and good they are.
Walters has given more than most and has never wanted any public recognition.
One group that I know of that she has given to every year is Focus Adolescent Services, They do minor things like save the lives of American children and families.
Her critics would rather buy a beer than save a child in America.
Have you given to Focus?

677 days ago
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