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Ke$ha's 'Die Young'

PLUMMETS from Charts

After Newtown Massacre

12/18/2012 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ke$ha's new hit "Die Young" has fallen on deaf ears ... after radio stations around the country yanked the song from their rotation after the Newtown tragedy ... TMZ has learned.

"Die Young" clocked in at #3 on the radio playlists on Friday (the day of the shooting) ... reaching 167 million listeners nationwide, this according to Mediabase, a company that tracks radio airplay.

By Saturday, the day after the shooting ... airplay dropped by 3 million listeners ... a sign that stations were slowly pulling the song off the air.

By Monday ... "Die Young" took a huge hit on the radio ... dropping down to 148 million listeners ... a 19 million drop from what had been a pretty steady rotation before the shooting.

One music expert tells us ... a drop of this magnitude is extremely rare. The last time a song plummeted this quickly is when the Dixie Chicks were banned from country radio ... after insulting President Bush.

We reached out to Ke$ha for comment -- so far , no word back.


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Guys, its not like ke$ha went 'OH I'm go write a song about living your life to the fullest and call it Die Young and hope some one kills innocent kids!' I mean the lyrics have nothing to do with a shooting. Really?

486 days ago


striaght ilumanii!!!!! She should die young!

486 days ago


My 9yo heard this song and said he doesn't want to die young. Don't play that song anymore. Tragic.

486 days ago


She shouldn't have to pay for the murderous acts of another. If you don't want to hear the song change the channel.

486 days ago


Or maybe it's dropping cuz she sucks.

486 days ago


Look at all that satanic symbolism in the video. Upside down crosses, pyramids, her making reference to the all seeing eye. #illuminati ish!

486 days ago


What kind of douchbag cares about this slut's music? For real people?!

486 days ago


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486 days ago


I Think a half You People Are Just So Stupid How Is This Song Relatable To The Newtown Tragedies ....... Satanic Music Really This World Is Judgmental About The Most Dumbest Things Children Lives Was Taken But we Are Concern About A Title Of A Song Smh At This Bull****!!!!!

486 days ago


How Many Of You Haters Have Her New Album...... #TheThirstToBeRelevant #Ke$haLoversOnTheLow

486 days ago


I'm sure she was upset for a minute--then she realized she was Kesha and her music sucks anyways.

486 days ago

His Prince Michael    

Firstly, I'm sickened by the "Music" Industry's" cunning attempt to exploit this horrific violence, considering the fact that for over a decade, it
was their primary message: got "Gangsta" rap?

Secondly, The Divinely-anointed House of David
shall dutifully and relentlessly hold the ENTIRE
Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of
U.S. "Government" WHOLLY accountable for
-literally- the hourly-increasing epidemic of Death and Destruction which decimates our once Godly-blessed nation. Traitorous and cowardly "Paycheck-Patriots" from ALL Federal-Agencies,
MUST expect serve and lasting consequences.
Justice, -TRUE Justice- draws near.

Finally, I was sickened to read the vapid words
of the most Oppressive, Anti-Christian politician in
U.S. History: The Pharaoh of The "United" States,
whose immoral and Godless regime includes Eric
"Lil Janet" Holder Jr., a person who was instrumental in the horrific massacre of over 70 Christian Women and Children at Waco, TX.

As, The Lord God lives: THE 2012 Victory is HERE:

486 days ago

Marlon Meadows    

Please take a few moments to watch this video. If you agree, please pass it on. Thank you, Much Love.

Youtube: Connecticut Shooting - A very important message

It is 4:05 long

486 days ago


Thank baby Jesus that song is terrible. Should've never had to of heard it in the first place. Also, it looks like she could skip a few meals.

486 days ago


I understand that the nation is all sad about what happen on friday, but this song was written before the tragedy. It has been playing on the radio for a couple of weeks now and now everyone is going to stop listening to her because of the tittle. Get real.... no one is going to write a song about babies be killed!!! call me what you want... but i speak the truth..... Ke$ha's song is about being at a club and seeing a guy with someone else and she wants to take him and just live like its the last day on earth!!!! this is crazy!!!!

486 days ago
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