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Justin, Ashton SWATTER


12/19/2012 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The juvenile who was arrested for phoning in prank 911 calls -- claiming there was gun violence at the homes of Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher -- is only 12 years old ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the boy tell TMZ ... he lives in California with his mother.  He refuses to go to school and sits at his computer day and night, communicating with other hackers.  We're told he is antisocial, preferring the keyboard to personal contact.

Our sources say Children's Services has been to the boy's apartment multiple times, trying to stabilize the situation, to no avail.  We're told the mother has virtually checked out.  We're told the family is "incredibly dysfunctional."

Our sources say the boy is smart, but by no means a Zuckerberg-esque genius.  Still, he was able to evade cops for months.

We're told law enforcement is sympathetic and steps are afoot to remove the child from the home and place him in a stable foster environment.  We're also told authorities are inclined to get the boy counseling rather than mete out punishment -- i.e., place him on probation and if he completes his counseling program all charges will be dismissed.

It's pretty remarkable ... a 12 year old concocted incredible fake scenarios to fool cops ... telling them gun-toting Russian thugs had held people in Ashton's house hostage.

The L.A. County D.A. has yet to make a decision on charging the boy with crimes.


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bring back recent posts    

...Ashton and Beiber need too grow up...both make pranks and get PAID FOR IT....careful how u model urselves...geeeeez

672 days ago


Back in my day the only phone pranks would be randamly selecting a no from the book and asking is so and so on the line if they said yes , the standard response was ,"well you better get off the line cause there's a train coming. Lame as but innocent enough.
How times have changed hey? This kid is a psycho in the making I fear. Hope he gets the support he needs . Especially a functioning role model that can give the kid some healthy life chioces, sports etc and lots of outdoor activities "AWAY FROM THE FRIGGEN COMPUTER.

672 days ago


We have an epidemic on our hands, America.
This kid is the next Adam Lanza in the making.
Get a clue, this is not about guns.
It's about the Liberals with no moral compass.

672 days ago


He needs to be locked up in a mental institution or jail. Evenso, the way this kid has been raised there is no hope for him.

672 days ago


Keith - it's about the republicans cutting all mental health programs starting with Reagan.

672 days ago

Mama Itchy    

REALLY???? "We're told he is antisocial, preferring the keyboard to personal contact" and
"We're told the mother has virtually checked out. We're told the family is "incredibly dysfunctional."

Gee...let's have a ****ing repeat of the CT Sandy Hook Elem. shootings... Stick this little ****er into some heavy duty serious counseling...or are you idiots going to wait until something serious happens???

672 days ago


Arent there laws in Cali where the parents go to jail if a minor doesnt go to school? As a mother I would drag my son to school and and with him all day if I had to. At his young age he will continue down the wrong path if he doesn y get the help he needs. I dont think counseling will do it. He needs serious help and juvenile detention where he has no choice but to go to school and counseling is what he needs. His parents cant xonteol him as it is.

672 days ago


Why not send the kid to Juvie so he can face his consequences for his actions. And send mom to jail for being an unfit parent. In California, if a child has an unexcuse absent, the school calls the parent and allowing them 72 hours to clear it up and if not then the parent is fine $1,000/absent and if not paid then the parent will get sued by the school distrcit. Yeah it happened to me even though my kid was in class and was only absent when he gets sick. Sticking this kid in a "better" stable environment will not stop him from prank calling the cops. kids at that age sure know right from wrong and know that there are consequences to face.

672 days ago


"... he lives in California with his mother. He refuses to go to school and sits at his computer day and night, communicating with other hackers. We're told he is antisocial, preferring the keyboard to personal contact"

Gee, what a shocker... NOT!

672 days ago


They have bootcamps for kids like that don't they???

672 days ago

Silverado Mom    

sounds like he is trying to gain control of something, anything. And he succeeded.

672 days ago


Reagan closed down all of the state mental institutions that normally housed people like this kid and his mother in the past. Now they're all running amuk. I bet when this kid isn't hacking he's playing World of Warcraft. Parents like his and the Sandy Hook shooter's should run for cover.

672 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Yet ANOTHER example of Great American Parenting!!!

672 days ago


Charge him he committed the crime,it 's not some bull**** crime it cost thousands of dollars to the city

672 days ago

BB not bb    


672 days ago
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