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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Not a Trailer-Trashing

Toilet Clogger!

12/19/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan says she's been framed -- she couldn't have trashed her "Scary Movie 5" trailer ... 'cause it was trashed when she got there, and producers retaliated because they were pissed off she was a no-show for the first day of shooting ... so Lindsay is telling close friends.

Lindsay is pissed at reports claiming she clogged her toilet -- along with all the other toilets on the set. 

Now here's Lindsay's story -- she's telling friends producers were ferociously upset she missed the kickoff day ... even though she told them she had walking pneumonia and doctors ordered her NOT to fly.

We're told when she arrived belatedly, the trailer was a disaster -- the shower and toilet were not working ... and she had to do her biz in adjoining trailers.

It was only after the shoot that Lindsay was accused of wreaking plumbing havoc and told she would not get her full paycheck ... to cover repair costs.

LiLo's friends say her people and movie honchos went back and forth for weeks before she finally waived the white flag ... and tens of thousands of bucks were deducted from her paycheck.


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Zephyr and Nikki, instead of following suit and being the insulting morons both of you are, you can verify Michael Jr.'s birthday by going through twitter archives and finding out that he said imdb was wrong last year and his actual birthday is 12/21. If you both want to insist it is 12/16 you can stay wrong and insulting but I know that he said it is 12/21 last year when people were wishing him Happy Birthday 12/16 and he corrected them. I don't need to look anything up and Nikki loud people shouldn't be wrong and you are 100 percent wrong and I have 100 percent confidence that you are. I bet even people that don't like me here know that I'm right about this. And you don't have to tell me when Ali's birthday is because I never said it wasn't on 12/22.

582 days ago

Chief Gall    

Please allow me to jump in for a few minutes and annoy you foolish, dumb fk haters and then I'll go. Lindsay will probably get no jail or a couple of weeks. SM5 and Inappropriate Comedy will be previewed on the big screen and TV which means haters will have great difficulty avoiding Lindsay Hot Lohan in their idiot faces. There she will be on that big screen when you're waiting for your movie to begin AND during a commercial break when you're watching TV. There she will be with that sexy voice and pretty face. And there you will be pulsating with rage and feeling nauseous with a cold sweat. Very unpleasant. She will not be in jail and you will be ANGRY!!!! She will be on the screen in your face. And that will be tough zhit, right? SUPER MAXIMUM LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lindsay will get (2) movie deals in 2013.


582 days ago


For Nikki and Zephyr

You can be big people and apologize for being insulting or eat crow. Next time be more careful, Nikki.

582 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

ooops, now PEOPLE is dead to Lindsay

582 days ago


Delmar, you might want to be a bit more careful about specifying that you KNOW and REMEMBER when Michael's birthday is.
Just sayin'...

582 days ago

Chief Gall    

Just became aware of the People poll and cannot link. No time now. People is as mainstream as your average gossip site. Same demographic. People. LOL!!!!!!
BTW, Lindsay will soon be at 5M twitter followers.
really gone.............

582 days ago


Gee, I wonder how happy her new publicist is about her latest press? I have to ask: is this the first POOP SCANDAL they've had to handle? She really knows how to class up a joint, doesn't she?

582 days ago

help this young woman    


The 24-hour news cycle can be so cruel. The truth is there are certain stories that deserve to be mulled over. Savored like a fine toilet wine. Leonardo DiCaprio’s love of colonics is a great example. Today’s wonderful story is the rumor that Lindsay Lohan clogged all the toilets on the set of Scary Movie 5. All of them. All the toilets. We know stories like this fade as quickly as summer blossoms, which is a tragedy because we still have so, so many questions about it, like…

•No, seriously. What?
•How could Lindsay have clogged all those toilets? That seems literally impossible unless she was flushing Costco-sized packages of gym socks or something.
•Did the filmmakers behind Scary Movie 5 spring for some kind of off-brand low-flow toilets or something?
•According to TMZ, when Lindsay came to set “the trailer was a disaster — the shower and toilet were not working … and she had to do her biz in adjoining trailers.” Trailers with an s? Multiple adjoining trailers?
•Even more unbelievably, Lilo was apparently “told she would not get her full paycheck … to cover repair costs.” How much could the repair costs possibly have been? Were the toilets physically broken? How does one actually break a toilet, rather than just temporarily take it out of commission?
•Lindsay allegedly believes she was “framed” for all the broken toilets. Is that the funniest sentence anyone has ever written, or just the best?
•Has anyone else in the history of the world been framed for breaking multiple toilets? Cite your sources.
•Should we take the fact that Lindsay allegedly agreed to have “tens of thousands of bucks” eventually “deducted from her paycheck” as proof she actually did break all those toilets? How much do toilets even costs? How many toilets would Lindsay Lohan have to break in order to merit a paycheck deduction ranging into the tens of thousands of dollars? Please show your work.

It’s interesting that Lindsay Lohan rarely takes to Twitter to respond to criticisms; it seems like the perfect technology to say, “Hey guys, I definitely did not clog all the toilets on the Scary Movie 5 set.” Are we wrong about this? Yet another question that will probably go unanswered…

582 days ago


People circulation #'s:

#10 most circulated magazine



since 1974

Ahead of: Time, Glamour, Sports Illustrated, Cosmo, TV Guide

582 days ago

LA Native    

mehh on the toilets, the burning question now is why is drunkenstepfather frantically trying to get in contact with Linds? He says its serious....whatever could it be??

582 days ago


Lindsay went to see Santa, thinking maybe he could give her her Christmas wish, money!
Ho Ho Ho You've been a bad little girl.
You know it's bad when Santa calls you a Ho.

582 days ago


@Nikki. Just had to come back and make a comment to you regarding MILO jr. Was sitting here just cracking up. To be a JUNIOR, one must have the same name as one's father. MILO SR's name is Michael Douglas Lohan SENIOR. ERGO, that makes MILO Jr's name Michael Douglas Lohan JUNIOR. Since I am married to a JUNIOR, I know how this works. YOU ARE CORRECT AND YOU WIN FIRST PRIZE. ROFLMFAO. Back to my book and my blanket!

582 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Hey Delmar...

Did I say anything about whatever Michael Jr's birthday is? No, because I don't care. I wouldn't give a rat's hairy ass if he claimed his birthday is February 31st. Why you think anyone else cares what his birthday is escapes me. Perhaps it's because you have no more defense of anything Lohan, that you have to pull random things out of your ass?

The point of my last post about you is deadly accurate: that you are wrong about more things than I can count without a calculator. That you only believe what you want to believe, in spite of all the presented evidence pointing to the opposite. And it's just not you either, but every enabler.

Funny how you all posted on here around the same time.... AGAIN. Funny how that seems to work that way more times than not.

582 days ago

Ellie G    

OMG tomorrow is MILO jrs birthday!! I bet none of you knew that.

582 days ago


And just as I was going to shut down my comp, THIS article (only reproducing the pertinent parts) made me laugh. Hope you all enjoy it!

Who knew that in the ancient Mayan calendar, they would have predicted so much that pointed to the end of the world? Like the exact date that Lindsay Lohan's horrendous Elizabeth Taylor biopic "Liz & Dick" would air on Lifetime? That Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj's egos would collide during "American Idol" auditions? That Donald Trump would act even more bizarrely than he did in 2011? And that Brad Pitt was even making a Chanel ad?

Seeing all that in their crystal ball, it's understandable that the Mayans would have predicted doomsday in 2012. Little did they know that these celeb antics just pointed to yet another year in La-La Land.

Here are just a smattering of the things that made us want to cover Blue Ivy's young eyes in 2012:AND NOW, PLAYING THE ROLE OF LINDSAY LOHAN, AMANDA BYNES: As if one unstable former child star wasn't enough, Bynes tried to double the fun this year with her Lohan-esque antics — which included arrests, plenty of erratic behavior and crashing into cars. At least Lindsay is a role model to someone."

582 days ago
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