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End of the World

Dumbasses Swarm Mayan Temple Before 12/21/12

12/20/2012 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
End of the World News

And now a new TMZ game ... SPOT THE DOPES!!!

Here we have a photo taken today at El Castillo in Mexico -- otherwise known as the Temple of Kukulkan, a Mayan structure built some time between the 9th and 12th centuries AD to honor the snake god Kukulkan.

Somewhere hidden in the photo are hundreds of idiots waiting to catch a glimpse of Kukulkan before the Mayan apocalypse, scheduled to occur tomorrow ... December 21st 2012. See if you can spot 'em!

The temple usually attracts a decent crowd during the solstice, but this is ridiculous.

On a more serious note: It was nice knowing all of you.


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Hmmm - They are in the sun and wearing shorts and I have 10,000 lbs of shushy snow to shovel off my sidewalks today. Not sure who the sucker at the table is.

669 days ago


And some fool preacher in America, after his first prediction fizzled.

669 days ago


What a gypp that was, I demand a mulligan......

669 days ago


What a gypp that was, I demand a mulligan......

669 days ago


Lol I'm still here ...I don't belive the news nor do I belive the internet ..

669 days ago


i see him !!!!!! its the wetback selling oranges

669 days ago

Rick Schiller    

Kukulkan is Venus not the solstice sun. This date is 5200 tun of 360......... days (nothing solstice about it, in fact Noah's 360.........-day calendar whose new year was 20 days ago proves the Mayan new year is Dec 22 not Dec 21 this year, as well as the disaster is expected for this 360.........-day year, not for this exact date) the idea that it should be new year comes from their thinking the 40-day rain of their Noah's Flood (3114bc) began new year. But if you read Genesis, the impact occurred on day 40 (2-10-60...0) and Noah packed the ark 7 days then (2-17). (Hold on, i'll paste a comment i did at another site).

669 days ago

Rick Schiller    

my reply to comment on 13 baktun: The twisted wrong evolved concept of the Maya themselves is from this. As one cult beleived the world could be extended by sacrifice from year 3744 to year 5200, the next cult decided that 5200 was the length of the four worlds before 3114bc. However, the 3744 years known in 100bc is from the Bible, a countdown from Hamurabi's 1770bc as Adams year 2256am. It was moved to 3114bc as 2256am Noahs Flood so it ended in 630AD with just a christ-king Pacal. So they dropped Venus, and accepted only Mars (5200 tun) thus extending the count by 1456 years. It was wrong to presume previous worlds were the same length. Is every world of ours exactly 65 million years from calendar new year to new year? Or is this a matter of youre smart, theyre stupid? Part of the 13 baktun (13x 144,000 days) is from awaiting the LAST of 144,000. Revelation says the 144,000 are daystars (a star before sunrise) taken to heaven to be with the (Venus) morningstar Jesus.

669 days ago

Rick Schiller    

Here's another comment i posted at a site - Mayan Armageddon is from Genesis. Genesis is 1656 years to Noah's Flood in 2370bc, and 4344 to year 6000 Armageddon. A countdown was started in 1770bc (2256am +3744), but the Maya took year 2400am (1626bc +360...............0) and said it was the Venus of 1770bc as 360...............0am which is 5370bc +2256 to Flood 3114bc and 1344 to 1770bc as year 360...............0 (+2400) ended the world the first time with their christ king Pacal chosen in 630AD. The timeline is only one 8-year Venus shifted from Moslem Adam, Moslem Flood 3122bc and Moslem 622 AD. The alternative of 5200 tun instead of the 3744 haab which equal exactly 3796 tun dumps Venus and uses Mars only, which Babylon calls 52-year Marduk. Thus today will not see the rise of Mars until about June 2 which is 45 days after crossing by the sun, just as that rise was about July 13 (G.Jun 17) in 3113bc. People will always think world end dates must be the calendar new year and ignore what happens this year. These countdowns to new years were intended to be pre-Warnings to prepare people. The reason the Bible speaks of surprise is because it predicts people always die for mocking instead of trusting and seeking. This is all because of WHO likes to do all the leading in who thinks what is truth. The lie dominates in the field of science just as it dominates in the field of myth. The rich on the Titanic died beside the poor though they tried to push the poor into their graves so that the rich could live. It is because the rich had the belief it was unsinkable, and the captain tested it deliberately, full speed, thru ice. That is what you people do thru this year. Mayan epoch is a 20-day shift from Noah's 360...............-day calendar whose new year was 20 days ago, epoch is Aug 12 not Aug 11, so that day ZERO (Noah's 1-20) is Dec 22, and Day ONE (Noah's 1-21) is Dec 23. The solstice has nothing to do with 5200 tun of 360............... days. And the claim that Maya knew seasonal is from the 365-day haab (1508 haab are 1507 years; 3016 haab are 3014 years; 3114bc to 100bc). This is why the stupid take 3 days to find a boy is autistic, 5 days to find out mom's machine gun was Mayan apocalypse beliefs, and 2 days for stupid nescasters to realize a machine gun will put 4 bullets in a person each time the trigger is pulled. AND YOU PEOPLE EXPECT THE STUPID TO SURVIVE THIS?

669 days ago


them mayans sure did prank everybody

669 days ago

Rick Schiller    

Australia? Okay so you beleive when the next asteroid strikes that it goes by time zones, Australia then China then Africa, good ole USA gets to watch until Hawaii gets it last? No wonder we have autistic kids shooting machine guns, some idiot online told him it was popcorn

669 days ago


Stupid and ridiculous the Mayans never said the world would end! There's going to be a different type of Equinox this year and every year people from all over the world gather to see the serpents shadows. Anyone in Yucatan can tell you this. Get a bible people no one knows when the worlds going to end! Stupid Media entertainment.

669 days ago

Peter Hobson    

Doesn't seem to be many Mayans in the crowd. Maybe they know something the white tourist hoard missed.

669 days ago


well it is 12/21/2012 as of midnight which was
like 9 hours ago. granted the day ain't over yet but?
10 more hours or worry..
Coast To Coast Am had a show about this ..

669 days ago


Simple theory : Mayas were happily working in their calendars when they probably got interrupted by the dawn people from Spain so everyone knows the rest of the history !

669 days ago
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