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Mila Kunis

Targeted By Anti-Semitic

Ukrainian Politician

12/20/2012 3:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Jewish organizations around the world are furious with the Ukrainian government ... after a Ukrainian politician used an Anti-Semitic slur in a Facebook rant about Mila Kunis.

The man who set off the controversy is lawmaker Igor Miroshnichenko -- who had written that Mila (a Jew who was born in the Ukraine) is not a true Ukrainian because she's a "zhydovka" ... a word that has been used as a slur against Jewish people since the Holocaust.

After protests by Ukrainian Jews, the Ukrainian government announced the word was OK to use because it appears in the Ukrainian dictionary as a term for a Jew that isn't necessarily a slur.

Now, the famous Simon Wiesenthal Center in L.A. is getting involved -- firing off a letter to the Prime Minister of the Ukraine to "express our outrage and indignation against the slanders of the Svoboda Party directed against the Jewish community in the Ukraine."

In the letter, Rabbi Marvin Hier explains ... the term "zhydovka" translates to "dirty Jewess" ... and was used as an "insidious slur invoked by the Nazis and their collaborators as they rounded up the Jews to murder them at Babi Yar and in the death camps."

The org. has called on the Prime Minister to "publically condemn this attack and to take measures to defeat the xenophobic forces that threaten your democracy."

We reached out to Kunis for comment -- so far, no word back.


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nice story

680 days ago



680 days ago



680 days ago


You mean how jews get away with calling non-jews shishka or goyum and try to pass it off as being not offensive?

680 days ago


Mila Kunis

680 days ago


She's hot. Dont care what she is

680 days ago

Top2% ofGlobalIntelligence    

Oh my God, after the Americans saved us Slavs from the oppressive genocidal maniac Hitler and then sold us all to Father Stalin, they actually want to retain their freedom of speech that is only 20 years old, that is terrible, how could they? I mean, Stalin is so much better than Hitler right, he only killed around 40 million more people with half the population available that Hitler had to commit his genocides right? In America when a politician makes a slur or uses archaic racist language like Sarah Palin, the response is through the media or through disciplinary action of one's political party. Why is Ukraine different? It is not a corrupt theocracy like Israel and Iran, though corrupt it may be. Want to argue that Israel isn't a theocracy, go to the street in Tel Aviv and yell YHVH, YHVH in Hebrew all day, you will be put into a hospital or jailed. No I didn't use the Hebrew version of their god's name because I did not bother to change my computers key configuration to make my point. You foolish Israelis must realize the Slavic people are not your slaves, Slav means slave no more; just because someone insults your celebrities doesn't mean you can control some other nation's Constitution and human rights laws. Although I think the man is wrong for insulting her, I have had enough of America's fascism and Israel's insolent behavior regarding the human rights and civil rights of other sovereign nations, or of other sovereign nation's that they illegally occupy and fill with lazy people on welfare. In the West Bank, the only person who is a mensch is holding an assault rifle, everyone else is lazy and on welfare except the Palestinians who clean their floors.

I want these fascist Israeli organizations to stop trying to control everyone else's constitution and take an example from the black people they killed by selling guns to the apartheid regime through Israel. Get a job, go to school, or just join a union, sing a rap song if there is a social issue you want to bring to the forefront of global politics and take your noses the hell out of Ukraine's business. Europe, although not often Ukraine, is a continent that had been a refuge for Americans who did not blindly follow the authorities in America for the past 90 years (read the Continual Pilgrimage by City Lights Books, it chronicles some of America's finest writers escaping America for Europe, whether they were running from anti-black racism or McCarthy). I shall be an expatriate and I do not appreciate .22% of the global population shoving their idea of what the law should be down Europe's throat. Back off or prepare for me to call you out on your lies. I am Irish and an Italian American once disrespected me; do you know what I did? I sucked it up and said he was a jerk later on because I don't need to burn Italy's constitution to feel good about myself; I respect Italians and all human beings and their right to say whatever they want, wherever they want to because I am not a fascist.

How is it slander to call anyone dirty? Should the UN security council vote on her level of hygiene? I know what America's vote will be... Jews call me a dirty Goshen everyday, their shrinks call me lobotomous which is a violation of the hippocratic oath and if anyone wants to know if I am dirty, you can come to NYC and smell me, I just showered 3 hours ago. If you say I didn't shower, I won't sue you, it is not my culture.

680 days ago


my husband calls me zhidovochka every day and why I was not hurt, but I'll go and complain about it too Prime Minister!

680 days ago

charles weinstiger    

All she is, is a publicity hound. she doesn't want tobe forgotten like alot of stars.

680 days ago

charles weinstiger    

another publicity hound, who wants to be popular and stay in the limelight. get a real job!!!!

680 days ago

BB not bb    

There is alot of antisemitism all over. A right wing party in Hungary wants to make a list of all the the Jews in Hungary for security reasons. Mila is American now so if Ukraine doesn't want her, that is their loss. She probably has some Ukranian blood besides. I think Europe is turning more and more openly antisemitic, especially with more Muslims moving there.

I think the safest place in the world for Jews and people with Jewish blood is Isreal.

680 days ago


Mila Kunis

680 days ago


Shut up, Meg.

680 days ago


Whether Mila is zhydovka or something - I don't care - but I am mad at her mainly she let fill all her holes by the freaking dirk Kutcher. He was filling Demi Moore's holes previously - son of a gun - she could have picked me but she picked Ashton - yike she sucks

680 days ago


Who really cares. Last year on Apr. 26 there was a 25th anniversary since a Chornobyl catastrophe. The New York Times even didn't print a word about it. Now we have to care about "Zhydovka". It doesn't mean a dirty Jew, it just means a Jewess in Russian. In Ukrainian it is Zhydivka. In most Slavic languages it's not a pejorative word. It became pejorative in Russian language, same as a word negro became bad in English.

680 days ago
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