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'Odd Future' Concert Victim

I'm Getting Violent Threats

from Blood-Thirsty Fans!

12/26/2012 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A fan who suffered a nasty onstage beatdown at the hands of rap group Odd Future continues to be viciously attacked ... only now, it's by bitter fans on the Internet -- and the 17-year-old tells us, he's scared for his life.

TMZ broke the story ... Chassan Rasagi got his ass whooped by the group after jumping on stage at an OF show in San Antonio earlier this month -- and claims he suffered serious injuries as a result ... including lacerations, scratches and burns all over his body.

Rasagi filed a police report immediately after the incident -- and has since lawyered up to sue the group -- but now, he tells us he can't even go online without facing relentless torment, anti-Semitism, and violent threats from OF fans. Among the threats:

-"Needs to get his prepubescent face smashed again..."
-"Is a f**king #f***got ass bitch made honky #OFWGKTA should of shoved a mic up your white ass"
- "Learn to take a beating you f**king Jew ass"
- "You a straight P***y dude"

The cyber terrorism's gotten so frightening ... Rasagi says he's started to keep track of the messages ... because he fears he might get jumped, or worse.

We reached out to Odd Future -- so far, no word back.


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634 days ago


First off I'd ask this young man why he was in these peoples space. You never jump up on a stage, and not expect some kind of action. These guys have protection. So make sure all your ducks are in a row before you make your self look silly in court, and end up paying for your lawyer, and their lawyer, and court costs. Another question I would ask you, is how everyone all of a sudden knows your email address? Sweep your own door mat before, before sweeping others. And keep in mind, I wasn't there, I just reply to what I see. What were you doing on the stage?

634 days ago


Who the hell beats up a fan for jumping up on stage ?

I hope he has contacted the FBI.. if the local Police are not helping. It only takes one fan without a strong grasp on reality & his life could be over.

It might be time to find a new fave band.. one that appreciates their fans !!

634 days ago


Since when does getting on stage warrant a beating? Why aren't the police charging the staff and band members with assault? This happened at a Nicki Minaj concert early this year as well.

634 days ago


Beating up a fan, and only for jumping on stage? Pathetic. I've not heard of these guys but they're compounding things by not telling their violent fans to calm down.

634 days ago


Here's an idea. Unplug from Facebook or whatever for a awhile and go toss a football or something outside like a 17 year old should. I love social media but there is a time when you have to take a break and live in the real world.

634 days ago


Well, rap fans usually are classy........

634 days ago


Nathan Gale was a "Fan" who jumped on stage, and put bullets in Dimebag Darrell's head. The concert game has changed, not necessarily because of that incident but it was definitely the most recent and stinging reminder of what can happen when some random person jumps on stage. You guys don't know ****.

634 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Hopefully he learned his lesson. Why the heck did you rush the stage. What did you think would happen? They would have given him a mic and said her you go you funny white boy, start rapping. Ya, they welcomed him with welcome hands and feet.
Phishie from Philly

634 days ago

That guy     

I think the biggest and most important question is Who the hell is Odd Future?

634 days ago


Stop being such a *****!!!!! U good ur ass beat...... It's not the end of the world. ********YYY...........

634 days ago


If it were a black guy getting his butt kicked, the Media would call it racist. But since it's a white guy, it's OK. Thing is, these thugs are proud of what they did. Blacks rejoice when a white guy gets beat up, they encourage it. Heads up, you're nothing unless you're in a group. But that's always the way they fight, like a punk. There's a reason I don't like black people. They're violent and stupid. I can't wait for the day, when the deck of race cards is played out. Eventually all of you cowards will pay the price of your actions.

634 days ago


These trash rap fans use homophobic and anti-semetic statements against this kid but do they even realize that the most popular and best selling artist of their favorite group is Frank Ocean, who is openly bisexual/gay.

This group's career will be no different than Marilyn Manson or Insane Clown Posse. And their fans come off like juggalos.

634 days ago


Stay off the stage and off social media you idiot.

634 days ago


Yeah, the kid shouldn't have jumped up on stage. However, Odd Future shouldn't have beat him down like that either. People jumping on stage during a concert is a relatively common thing, that's why most artists have stage security to keep over-zealous fans at bay. I'm sorry, but I just can't justify a group of grown men jumping a teenage boy for something so minor.

634 days ago
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