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Carly Rose's Family

LeAnn Rimes Threw This

Little Girl Under the Bus!

12/21/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carly Rose Sonenclar's family is royally pissed off at LeAnn Rimes for -- as they put it -- trashing their daughter's "X Factor" performance Wednesday night.

Sources connected with the family tell us ... the 13-year-old girl's mother is livid that Rimes would dare say Carly Rose was "nervous and had trouble hitting the right notes" when she sang "How Do I Live."
As you know ... Carly Rose did a duet of the song with Rimes on the show. People on social media went crazy after the performance, claiming Rimes was drunk.

TMZ broke the story ... Rimes insists she was sober, but says if things were awkward, it was only because, "I was trying to help this 13-year-old girl who was having some trouble with the song."  Rimes later claimed she never gave a quote, but we can tell you ... her rep specifically gave us the quote and told us we could use it.

Carly Rose's mother and other relatives are telling people they can't believe LeAnn threw their daughter under the bus, and that it was clear -- Carly Rose was a pro and even out-performed LeAnn at her own song.


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I watched the performance LeAnn did look drunk she tripped down the steps and was holding on to carly just so she could stand up and at one point it seemed as though she forgot the words to her own song..LeAnne was trying to out sing Carly but it just didn't happen that way Carly outshined her and it was a sad day for Miss Rimes..She needs to sober up from the boozes or pills or both she really messed up..

640 days ago

Only Trisha Yearwood can sing this song never liked Leann singing it. I feel so sorry for the girl they really should have given her a do over. She is a winner in my book anyway.

640 days ago


Wow, sore losers. I saw the whole thing, they were both total garbage together. LeAnn lost all her talent and Carly stopped giving it her all in the previous week, she was over confident and slacked off.

640 days ago

Kelly Madigan    

It could not have been LeeAnn Rimes' fault that Carly Rose Sonenclar lost because all the votes had been cast and counted the night before they sang the duet.

640 days ago

Kelly Madigan    

It could not have been LeeAnn Rimes' fault that Carly Rose Sonenclar lost because all the votes had been cast and counted the night before they sang the duet.

640 days ago


Carly was off key in that song and the one before. It is the truth. LeAnn outsang her all the way. I don't think she was trying to but she did. LeAnn's voice is more powerful. Carly is a child, she will get better. Her family needs to be humble and stop being sore losers.

640 days ago


Leann needs to get a clue and finally realize that NO ONE likes her. The only thing she's good at is fu*king things up for others. That's all she's good for.

640 days ago


LeAnn is a hot mess. Anyone that has an addiction cannot be healed until they realize they have a problem. Her performance the other night was a total embarrassment to watch. 13 year old Carly was the professional keeping it together. LeAnn you need help BIG TIME!

640 days ago


LeeAnn did an awful job on the X-Factor. She was off key and tried to out do Carly Rose. It seeemed as if LeeAnn thought she was competing against Carly. I hope to see Carley's CD's out. Am looking forward to buying some.

640 days ago


Honestly, I was horrified by LeAnn Rimes performance from the second she hit the stage. How Carly Rose held it together and continued with a wonderful performance was amazing. The girl has a phenomenal voice and presence and, in my opinion, easily should have out-distanced Tate Stevens in votes. That being said; I think that most people voted for Tate with their hearts instead of their ears. Carly has a wonderful future in front of her and should easily become a true talent & superstar, far beyond the "cookie cutter" stars these shows produce. Tate??? Well... he's a typical, run of the mill, country singer. Not to be harsh.... but a dime a dozen.

640 days ago


These young people or older people on this show no one cares about them are you kidding at the end of the day its who can make me money and do it well and alot of it. Thats all these contestants are are money makers for someone out there. shame really

640 days ago


Carly Roses Dream ( a rhyme for LeAnn Rimes)

Roses are red
Your first hit was Blue
Despite what you said
The trouble was you

640 days ago


Leann was having trouble hitting the high notes. She was a hot mess.

639 days ago


I was pulling for Tate and Carly throughout the whole season. Carly more than Tate, but towards the end of the competition I could see cracks in Carly; she was a one hit wonder who also couldn't take direction to pick up the tempo in her songs more than she had been doing. She was becoming beyond predictable and boring; one could count on her singing a slow song and putting that hand up in her face as she did it. Saying that, I take nothing away from her; she is a diva who will go far, but I don't think what this competition is about; Carly is going to take Broadway by storm but not be a crossover pop sensation which caters to the masses. Tate took the criticism that was offered to him by the judges which started moving him into #1 some weeks in the voting results. There were subtle things also....if one watched, which I did (and maybe was looking for) part of what Carly was doing was for her parents approval, she alluded to it at Thanksgiving. She's young and we don't need another Lindsay Lohan or any of the other troubled famous children who have taken a side track down the wrong road in life. Oh trust me the thought did trust my mind that Tate and his marriage might take a horrible turn if fame gets in the way of the specialness they have now. The old be careful for what one wishes for in life, they might just get it playing out. They are both two very talented individuals who were vying for the top position. The performance between Carly and LeAnne had no bearing in my mind about the outcome. Carly was a professional even though she would have been better off singing by herself... but and here's the but.... it was another performance with a slow song.. I rolled my eyes... yes, she's comfortable singing slower songs but her ability to change it up should have gone farther in the competition by then. Voice talents are one thing but this was about the whole package and a performer who can sell lots of music to the masses in order for the record companies to recoup their investments is the total package is what this competition is about. Tate showed personality in his last few performances and that he was a singer connecting with his audience. Okay here is the kicker why I am sooooo glad Carly didn't win was what they showed backstage was her facial expressions when one grandmother was wishing her well vs another one.... she showed some unfavorable expressions with the first one... and then she showed some haughty facial expressions rolling her eyes during another point.. and I was like OMG..... this little girl has a lot of growing up to do, I hope she doesn't get it or there will be problems with her. The best thing that could have happened to her was to not be the baby of the family who everyone dotes over, and always be told how wonderful she is; i think the judges were overly kind to her, except Demi who called her on her inability to stretch herself more even though she sang wonderfully, most likely due to the fact that in the past young contestants were devastated with the harsh realities of rejection. Carly's mom is a stage mom; and it needs to be for Carly not for anything else but Carly because it's her life. Another important note, many who didn't win went on to do greater things with their careers vs the winners; one never knows what the best was for Carly or Tate, or any of the other contestants. I also see great things for Emblem 3, and think that 5th Harmony can get to the point of being a cross over top selling group if again, they bring it to the mainstream.

639 days ago

christopher lambert    

Carly Rose Out sang her, It was on Tv rewind and watch it ,,,,,,,Carly will still be a Pro-singer and i will get them albums ... as will the world she sings like the voice of the gods , angels are Her back up singers..

639 days ago
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