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Carly Rose's Family

LeAnn Rimes Threw This

Little Girl Under the Bus!

12/21/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carly Rose Sonenclar's family is royally pissed off at LeAnn Rimes for -- as they put it -- trashing their daughter's "X Factor" performance Wednesday night.

Sources connected with the family tell us ... the 13-year-old girl's mother is livid that Rimes would dare say Carly Rose was "nervous and had trouble hitting the right notes" when she sang "How Do I Live."
As you know ... Carly Rose did a duet of the song with Rimes on the show. People on social media went crazy after the performance, claiming Rimes was drunk.

TMZ broke the story ... Rimes insists she was sober, but says if things were awkward, it was only because, "I was trying to help this 13-year-old girl who was having some trouble with the song."  Rimes later claimed she never gave a quote, but we can tell you ... her rep specifically gave us the quote and told us we could use it.

Carly Rose's mother and other relatives are telling people they can't believe LeAnn threw their daughter under the bus, and that it was clear -- Carly Rose was a pro and even out-performed LeAnn at her own song.


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For me, it's sonnenklar that Carly Rose has no talent...

673 days ago


Anyone else getting sick of Tmz repeating themselves over and over. "As we already reported...." No one cared about lean rimes the first time you reported it so do t keep repeating it every time you have one new sentence to add! How about you save it all up for two days instead of updating a non-story every few hours. You no longer have the inside scoop on anything! It's so great Lean Rimes lawyer called Harvey, so very intriguing. I think entertainment tonight may have a better edge then tmz, and I couldn't watch that show unless I was paid! I just want to know who started running this site since sometime inSeptember. Countless spelling and grammar errors. The stories are regurgitated and not entertaining. So fire whoever is running this site. They are not very good at this job!

673 days ago

It's Me    

That is funny. A 13 year old wannabe's mom is livid because her daughter got critiqued by a person whos song she was trying to cover. Take the advice and move on.

673 days ago


very true, rimes messed it up for carly

673 days ago


Carly is very talented and will be all right. She has, at a very young age, been fortunate to witness first hand just what "celebrity" can do to you if you let it.

I hope she always keeps a picture of people like Britney and Leann nearby to remind her of just how ugly it can all get and keep her on the right track.

673 days ago


Carly Rose's family need to get a life!

673 days ago


I work in the music industry. Carly was on key and her performance was marred with Leann's performance. Leann was not on key a number of times. It was obvious to Brittney as well: you saw her face while the duo were on stage...she looked rather horrorfied
Carly will undoubtedly go on and have a great career. Wouldn't be surprised if Simon 'swoops' Carly up $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

673 days ago


The girl was never going to win. Nowhere in the history of these types of shows has a little kid ever won the money over an adult and they shouldnt. As for the performance, that woman was on something. Did she hurt Carly, no Tate Stevens was number one more weeks then the girl was. He was obviously always going to win. I do not know why they made such a big deal over her. She was not that great. She sounded no different then the other kids on there. She only ever sang one type of song a ballad. Where was her career going with that> What kid will buy that? none. I really hope they are not trying to say it cost her the win. It did not. They were both horrible in that song and I do not care what any of you say they were.

673 days ago

Canada Guy    

I don't see the talent others do in this child. She adds runs that she cant deliver on and just doesn't sound that good to me. Regardless, Leanne also kinda sucked but it was unprofessional to blame it on the kid.

673 days ago


Carly Rose sang way better than Leann! Leann screwed up Carly's whole performance because she couldn't & didn't hit one note! Simon is a smart guy, I'm still wondering why he would EVER pick Leann Rimes as a guest. She is terrible. Her days are loooooong gone! Poor Carly.

673 days ago


Wow! Talk about a sore loser.

673 days ago

mom 4    

I can't see why they choose Leann Rimes anyway. She's a controversial figure anyway. black people don't like her a stealing someone's husband and cheating on her own.Carly Rose lost votes on that, why choose someone whose current moniker is homewrecker.

673 days ago

mom 4    

I meant to say people don't like lee ann rimes. Not black people, sorry my phone has autocorrect.

673 days ago


Carly was the best singer on the show and deserved to win because she could sing different genres. She did outsing Le Ann while Le Ann was a wobbly train wreck on stage. And she was professional dealing with the awful situation that she found herself in.
However, the country guy won because the country music folks gave him more votes.
Carly's votes were split between her and the girl group. The country singer didn't have another country act to split the votes with so he won.
The final should be between two acts, not three. I wonder what his verson of Hallelujah would sound like. . . .
I will buy Carly's album.

673 days ago


And right they are, she was horrible and the poor girl sang her heart out to fix it!

673 days ago
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