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Kim Kardashian

Instagram's New Policy

Could DESTROY My Career

12/21/2012 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
is afraid Instagram's new policies will torpedo the million-dollar empire she's spent years building -- and THAT'S why she's threatening to drop the photo-sharing app ... Kim tells TMZ.

Kim was out in L.A. yesterday when we asked about her tentative plans to bail on Instagram following a controversial change in the company's terms of service -- which seems to give the company power to sell user photos to outside companies without compensating the user.

Kim responded, "I just don't think they should have the right to sell [our photos] to advertising companies on our behalf. What if we don't want to advertise what they want?"

Kim's concern is pretty obvious -- she doesn't want her face promoting products that could damage her brand ... and if Instagram's got the power to use her face as it wishes, she wants no part of it.

She added, "I just hope they revise it."


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lord flashheart    

Career ? she is a leach with no talent at all.

679 days ago


she sounds pissed on!

679 days ago


I would never buy a product or service that used that vapid fame whore in it's marketing so I hope Instagram changes it's TOS too

679 days ago


Hope Instagram torpedoes that fat ass all the way to Armenia. WHEN WILL WE BE DONE WITH THIS SHALLOW, VAPID, USELESS FAMILY????

679 days ago


Sitting around in various restaurants and going on 20 freaken vacations a year with year with your creepy family is not called a career's called being a sucker fish leech..........whore

679 days ago


The only difference is she won't be getting Paid to have her face every where. the consequences are the same for the rest of us.

679 days ago


Go away fat ass!

679 days ago


Highly doubt closing her instagram acct is going to have an impact so huge that it will effect her "million dollar empire" w/ all of the reality shows,appearances

679 days ago


God you Americans are so THICK.

Instagram have already said, like a week ago, that this policy is never happening. Get out of your own arses for a second a look at the world around you. ARSEHOLES

679 days ago

Bitch please    

It probably took her using the last 2 brain cells to answer that question with a 6th grade answer. LMFAO!

679 days ago


Hasn't she pretty much done that herself? It's particularly easy to do when you have little talent and are known for little more than rampant self-absorption and a sex tape.

679 days ago


Um, why doesn't she just stop using instagram? What a pee-brain u are, Kim and i don't mean pea-brain

679 days ago


What "career" is that, exactly? Being an over-hyped, fat a$sed, fame whore? She and the rest of her family have nothing to offer except putting their name to products that are willing to pay them the right amount about to use it. But what I really wanna know is, who are the brainless people who actually SEEK out the Kardashian brand? I ask cause I know of ZERO people who do. So who is it, then? SOMEONE must be buying into the Kartrashian sh*t to keep these freaks of nature wealthy.. so who is it??

679 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

Wow during Career Day my school, I didn't see any SLUT tent.

Damn those conservative parochial schools.

679 days ago


Stay strong instagram!! This is your chance to rid the world of this talent-less dimple butt!!

679 days ago
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