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Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

Divorce Hang Up Is


12/23/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1222_demi_ashton_01Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher don’t have kids to argue over so money has become the default source of conflict ... ironic since both of them are loaded.

Sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the sticking point in the divorce has been that Demi wanted the same type of settlement from Ashton that she got from Bruce Willis. We do not know the details of the Willis-Moore settlement, but sources tell us she scored big time.

Demi is FAR richer than Ashton -- the value of her New York Apartment alone is around $25 mil.

As TMZ first reported, Ashton waited for more than a year before filing for divorce Friday because he wanted to give Demi the dignity of doing it first ... but she never pulled the trigger. Other sources say Demi was waiting for a financial resolution.

What’s curious is that filing for divorce earlier would have made more sense ... because they still have to wait six months before the divorce is final.


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Lmfaoooo didn't you guys report that it wasn't about money a few months ago when every other tab claimed the hold up was about money.

672 days ago


ACTUALLY Ashton Kutcher ..(annoying as he is) is worth A LOT more than Demi. I thought I read a few weeks ago that he has been investing in internet companies and hitting it big....he's allegedly worth around 1 billion, but I doubt that's what it really is. Anyways this tool probably has at least 100 million.

672 days ago


IF this is true, she's a greedy bitch.

672 days ago


She is just doing it because she is PO he moved on so quick.

672 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

STOP hanging on to this guy.
Methinks you are cray, and lucky he stuck it out as long as he did!
You had those jughead kids with Bruce; plus he's richer, so OF COURSE you got a better settlement from him.
Why don't you do the work on yourself to get yourself back to hireable condition and make your own money?
To watch you reveal your true pathetic status is painful!!!

672 days ago


According to Demi is worth $150 million and Ashton is worth $140 million. I wouldn't call Demi "FAR" richer than Ashton, in fact I would say they are probably worth the same amount. Whateves.

672 days ago


Ok, ok, ok.... Here's the real deal... According to the ACTUAL do***ents filed with the courts, Ashton is NOT "seeking any spousal support NOR is he denying any spousal support." In other words people, they both just want to continue to move past this. The filing is mearly a means to said end. They both have been hurt by this and ultimately wish nothing bit the best for each other. Regardless of what might be pd over the next few months, neither party is trying to screw the other. Whether it's about property, money, seeing the kids, etc. They've accepted misdeeds on both side and, for the most part, begun to move beyond it. I would only offer my sympathy and prayers to both. *Disclaimer: I don't know Ashton now, but I did goto his rival high school in Cedar Rapids, IA, Regis (currently known as Xavier High). In subsequent years have, through family and friends, become close to his family and especially his brother.

672 days ago


3 marriages. Who's next on her list of shame? She must suck in bed. Ha!

672 days ago


Money ??? Really, you can't be serious about that now can ya' ?

672 days ago


She's lucky he stayed w/ her old ass that long, he can't even have kids w/ her cuz she's all dried up lol she needs to take the MILLIONS she's already got and get over it

672 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

Man, that picture of Demi is harsh on the eyes!

672 days ago


Ok, all these posts about age, being dried up, lucky to have some young thing for whatever time, blah, blah, blah. Bitches, u too will grow older, every year, & you will be OLDER than someone else, so watch your tone, you're speaking of who you are already becoming.

672 days ago


None of these celebrities are worth a tenth of what you think. Kelsey Gramer was worth 60mm when they divorced. You look at his houses/life you'd think 500mm. We'll see how much loot they have when they settle. Reality is what it is.

672 days ago


She has no dignity.
You are a woman men will pay ANYTHING to be rid of.

672 days ago


I'm sick of them both.

672 days ago
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