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Michael Jackson's

Driver's License

Stone-Faced Stare

12/24/2012 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the last driver's license photo Michael Jackson ever took -- a big change from the singer's cheery license photo from the 1980s.

The latest photo was taken in 2005 -- four years before the King of Pop's untimely death -- and you can tell from the harrowing image ... MJ had become a tortured soul.

An image of MJ's 1980s driver's license was released by the FBI shortly after Michael died -- as part of the agency's massive file on the singer. The Bureau compiled the dossier during its investigation into child sex allegations involving the singer back in the 90s.

As you can see, Michael was a much different person back then -- smiling brightly for his photo at the DMV.

Of course, it's not like MJ ever put the license to much use -- he was pretty much exclusively chauffeured around, especially in the later years of his life.


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Waiting for the drug campaign to use it with the eggs frying in the fry pan. Poor Mr. Jackson, he hated his father so badly, he couldn't look in the mirror and see his Dad. Haunting.

671 days ago



671 days ago


Spin the story a little more. We can't smile anymore because of facial recognition software. Any torturing of Michaels soul had a lot to do with people constantly seeking out the bad in him. Was he a little odd compared to the rest of us. Sure. Most of us would be too if we grew up like him. But if you really think he's a tortured soul...then let it rest in peace for once. Beating on the dead is just mean spirited. And it's Christmas!

671 days ago


Hmmm... "Approved for Law Enforcement Use Only". Cali fuzz needs to come down on TMZ.

671 days ago


TMZ amazes me with their ignorance sometimes. You clowns are so desperate for a story that you will try to post some irrelevant crap about a deceased celebrity and try to convince us its news! The man is not here anymore let him rest in peace!

671 days ago

average jane    

He's dead and you're still finding the need to pick on him....and at Christmas time as well. I didn't particularly care for Michael Jackson but come on....

671 days ago


Ali. I think it is time for you to go to school and at least try to get your GED. AND OPEN THE CLOSET DOOR. Why all the gay comments? Hmmmm...Hmmmm just maybe you are? !

671 days ago


You would have that face too if your nose was taped on to your face. 120 pounds, good grief ...

671 days ago


Looks more like a girl in the earlier driver's license.

671 days ago


You do realize you are no longer allowed to smile for you DMV photos. You have to stare expressionless.

671 days ago


Hey TMZ. What cracker jacks are working there now. You are not alloud to smile due to face recongnition. Report the trust and stop grasping at strings for a story

671 days ago


So sad, MJ suffered so much and did have medical problems and was in pain 24/7. I can related I am in pain 24/7 too.
He lived a difficult life for anyone.
He is now free. Show some respect for the haters out there please!
Rest In Peace MJ !
We love and miss you!

671 days ago


Oh please, why are most of you so onssessed with his face, like what?
Just compare thousands of pics of him from 2005 to 2009, from his visit in Japan to This Is It... he looked same like in 1990 or 1993...
No snapshot tells the real features of face. There are thousands of great pics of him, so dont judge on one shapshot.

671 days ago


Eeeeeewwwwwww!!!!! He look so naaaaassssstttttyyyyyyyyy! Conrad Murray is way better looking. Such a handsome good looking man. Michael was obviously jealous of his good looks and was afraid that his female fans would dump him for Conrad, that's why he framed him and had him put in jail. #CONRADMURRAYISINNOCENT!

671 days ago


Leave this mam alone!!! Who cares what his license looked like. Let him RIP.

671 days ago
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