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Lindsay Lohan & Family


12/27/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan and her family celebrated an arrest-free Christmas in New York -- but one family member was conspicuously absent ... you get three guesses.

While Michael Lohan celebrated the holiday in Florida with his on-again-off-again-on-again GF (now fiancee) Kate Major, the rest of the Lohan family got festive at Dina's house in Long Island -- including Lindsay's grandma and siblings Ali, Cody, and Michael Jr.

We're told other family and friends were present as well ... and it was actually fun -- drama free, as they gorged themselves on a massive Italian feast.

As for the tree -- we're told money did NOT grow on it.



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Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

They spelt "Fleece" wrong lol

665 days ago


Okay, who the hell did they hire to decorate the tree, Stevie Wonder?

665 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

The only one not glassy eyed is Grandma.... should have snapped the shot before the ****tails.

665 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

Suzy Q

Clear Vote.

Looks like the Black Checking Bimbo is taking a potty break.
8 minutes ago


Suzy Q

It must be mentally and physcially exhausting signing in and out, and in and out, and in and out, not to mention trying to remember who you are before commenting so the H8ters don't catch on. I think not only is a well deserved potty break in order, but a full mental health evaluation as well.

665 days ago


Persona non grata? I haven't been banned.
And why do people presume that I am female?
But why should I try to explain? I don't want to overload your brains.

665 days ago


Lindsey looks older than her mom. She looks like a wreck.

665 days ago


Lohan is pulling her last ditch effort. That's even backfiring on her.

Lohan is totally stupid but she's not dumb by any stretch. Nothing but a game to her. How much can I still get away with. Holly will get me out of it.

Lohan has always known and knows what she does when she's doing it. She just expects to get away with it. That's Shawn Hollys job. It took time but as always what goes around comes around.

The it's mommy and daddy's fault and I didn't know any better is so overplayed it's funny.

Hey maybe now after the 'sentencing phase' Holly can finially dump Lohan as her client from hell. No longer attorney of record. Lohan can get new lawyers she can't pay for.

When Lohan was actually in jail for more than 3 hours Lindsay, Dina and Michael trashed Shawn Chapman Holly it was her fault. She's a lousy lawyer, Lindsay needed a better lawyer and so on.

Holly tried to recuse herself from Lohan when she pulled her BS in Cannes France. Lohan was partying in France, wasted off her ass (photos to proove that.)

Lohan blew off her flight back to LA for her court date expected one of her 'jet setting friends' to fly her back on their private jet to LA in time for court. Not even close. Basically get off my boat.

Lohan is screwed, no private jet ride back to L.A. just in the nick of time for her court date. Lohan then pulls her passport was stolen has no ID can't get a flight back to make court.

Lohan then pulls she reported her passport was stolen (she had to buy time) to the French Police. Funny how the French Police had no record of Lindsay Lohan ever reporting her passport was stolen let alone lost.. Lohan tripping over her own lies then and still can't keep them stright now.

Of course the French are out to get me. The French are dead to me.

This is what Holly has been putting up with. A client who has never listened to a word or advise. her lawyer has giving her.

Lohans still attitude is screw you, I'll do what I want. I pay you to get me out of it.

Remains to be seen.

665 days ago


Ginger is missing today. The asylum must be on lockdown.

665 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

Potty Breaks Over lol

665 days ago


Gawd Zeph, from the Addams Family to are on fire today...LOL!

665 days ago


Lindsey is sexier than ever I'd bury my face in that!

665 days ago


Looking back, New York may not have been the wisest place for Blo to relocate to.... ...yet another Walk Of Shame...

The Gypsies here are a fierce bunch and have a special loathing for Long IslandTinkers.

665 days ago


Lindsay looks unwell.

665 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

What a coincidence. No sooner does Seamus comment on the fact that Ginger hasn't been on today, and WA LA, there's Ginger commenting on Seamus's comment.

665 days ago

delusional much LL?    

and this here is reason # 4,000,001 why lowhan is such a joke.

this nitwit was a multi-millionaire before she was out of her teens. now look at her.
scrounging for anything she can get.

december or any month really. white doprah needs to wear full sleeve shirts.
never saw anyone in their fifties with arms that look like that.

665 days ago
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