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Katt Williams

'How Do You Keep Kids

Safe Without Guns?'

12/29/2012 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1229_katt_williams_video_2As Katt Williams left jail last night after being locked up for gun-related child endangerment, he groused to us, "How do you keep kids safe without guns?"

TMZ broke the story ... Katt was arrested and his 4 kids were taken away after his house was raided by cops, who found numerous guns and illegal drugs.

Williams told us the guns were secured in a locked box, adding, "If the police come in and raid my place and break into my gun boxes, you're gonna find guns! I'm not in a gang, what difference does it make?"

Katt also told our photog there were no drugs at his house -- well ... he admits there was weed, but says, "Weed is not a drug."

So we gotta ask ...


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Harvey your the biggest sell out... even after joining the Air Force and taking a Oath to protect us from people both foreign and domestic....

If Kat is not a felon and they were in a safe and legal then big f'ing deal... I just bought a colt 1911 that was used in WW2 and its such a honor to even own it..

now for the drugs... if its just weed then the cops are just trying to **** with him... if it wasn't weed then Kat you need to get your **** straight,, your small man ego is going to get your ass kicked real hard

662 days ago


I don't think the guns are so much unsafe as the mentally unstable person, who threatens people with guns incidently, is the real threat. That many charges (some violent) against him.. maybe he should consider surrendering his weapons until all the mess is cleared up. Suge will be the death of this guy.

662 days ago


Is it me or does Katt look like Chuck Berry's son. Sounds like Chuck too....

662 days ago



662 days ago



662 days ago


used to like katt now hes a punk i wish hed try to smack me like he did the target employee

662 days ago


Much love Katt and God bless **** TMZ and there Masters

662 days ago


We wake up to a nasty ass world God is ashame of us ...they kill us take our kids and get paid for doing so and yet we do nothing but wait for our turn ... Crazy

662 days ago


I was against Katt but after listening to him speak it sounds like he is making a WHOLE lot of sense! He hasn't been in court for all these arrest 30 arrest in 30 months that's once a month

662 days ago


Its amazing all the racists who call Katt Williams trash but then again white people call their own trash so anyhoo... ITS OBVIOUS he has offended THE POWERS THAT BE - not simple law enforcement. The Elite of Hollywood Governing Bodies. He is out of concert with them and knows some of what we dont'. So they discredit him at every turn. And it works because people are gullible. Even though he is obviously under great stress. He till makes perfect sense. And no law offcial has come forward to make an official statemnt about what they found. Its all smoke and mirrors to drive him and his credibility in different directions. That way if he chooses to disclose insider info he is not believable anymore (who's gay who's not, hollywood rites of passage etc. ) Oh and p.s. Suge Knoght knows this very well. He was a powerful boss because of his FED ties and Mob ties. It makes sense for Katt to stay near him so he can get a sense of whats going on.

662 days ago


Seriously? This is bumped to the top after being posted fir 8 hours? Is Harvey that desperate for site hits??

662 days ago


For all his arrests and daily reporting on TMZ, when the hell was the last time that Katt was actually home with his kids, aside from the "RAID" that happened?

662 days ago


I cannot take this guy any longer. Why does he constantly have to be in the news every second lately. All that ever comes out of his big mouth is B.S. I wish he would just leave the face of the earth. He's a BIG MOUTH, LOUD< HAS ABSOLUTE NO CLASS> & NOT TALENT>UGHHHH

662 days ago


He's not fooling anyone, those guns were not all locked up, they were next to the drugs and yes that is an unsafe environment, when a drug deal goes wrong someone always gets hurt!

662 days ago


how do you kep katt willaims' kids safe? keep them away from katt.

662 days ago
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