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Katt Williams Arrest

Cops Say Gun Found Was


12/30/2012 5:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1230-katt-williams-tmz-gunKatt Williams has some explaining to do ... because cops now say one of the guns seized from the comedian's house during his most recent arrest was recently reported stolen.

TMZ broke the story ... Katt was arrested Friday on charges of child endangerment after an investigation from the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services concluded there was a slew of guns and illegal drugs stashed in his house.

Now the LAPD is telling the LA Times​ that one of the firearms taken from Katt's crib was reported stolen.

Immediately following Katt's arrest, he told TMZ he kept his guns in a locked box and it was his right as an American to possess firearms to keep his kids safe.

Katt is due in court on January 25.


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Jus leave the man alone he going though a serious mental thing

632 days ago


D@mn it man

632 days ago


I don't believe it

632 days ago


It is good to see the California legal system allows stolen guns out on the street and the s***bags that have them.

632 days ago


This is one of those situations where you don't dare ask if it can get any worse.

632 days ago


Grow up assh*le..

632 days ago


I wonder if they'll actually make him serve time for this.

632 days ago


Katt it is not your right to possess STOLEN guns and drugs. Drugs, stolen guns and out of control behavior tend to put your children in danger, NOT keep them safe.

632 days ago


Why isn't this guy in jail? He's been arrested like 100 times this year.

632 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

So there you have it. He had a gun hidden not from his kids, but from the police because it was stolen.
Exactly how many guns did he have? We're ANY of them legal? Did they have large cap magazines which are illegal in California? Did he have not just handguns, but rifles - and were they large cap?
Face it - this is a crazy man. He SAYS the guns were locked away, but were they really.
One thing I know, this man is going over the edge, probably from drugs.

632 days ago


Lawwwwddddd will this saga ever end, i'm soooooooooo tired of this, smmfboaws.

632 days ago


For allegedly having an IQ of 160 that he has checked every months (watch his django video on tmz) why does this guy continue to make such bad decisions? Anyone with an average IQ knows guy belongs in jail or prison......

632 days ago


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if they want to call one another n******, then thats up to them
but someone non-black just should not say it....
this is a no-brainer people!
its racist and bullying....
the history of this country is very sensitive, as is the holocaust.... but people don't forget about the holocaust and dont treat it lightly. yeah, i don't know any holocaust survivors, just like I don't know any slaves but I still respect and wouldn't treat the subjects lightly. that word sounds so fvcked up coming from me or any of you..
Why is it so easy for us to forget about slavery?
We can't be white and black at the same time.
That word means a different thing coming from us than from them, and its VERY understandable.
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632 days ago


Why doesnt kat get locked up? They found a stolen gun in his house? Still free, flicks lit smoke in persons face...still free, throws rocks at cars, slaps target employee....sol free

632 days ago


Kat st8 alleycat! Damn get yo hair did! Lol

632 days ago
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